Amsterdam’s Spoetnik is best described as a purveyor of  undeniable groove.

The artistic project of the city’s club shelter staple, the sound of Spoetnik draws its influence from across the musical spectrum – from dubby and rousing, to tribalesque and organ-churning house. Think of it as a tour the best of classic-era House has to offer from late eighties to early nineties New York, mixed with classic Chicago house and more contemporary Detroit work.

On this exclusive mix, the 300th (!) on DHA, of rare and hard to find gems, Spoetnik gives all you crate diggers a starting point, describing it as:

“For this mix I included an all-vinyl selection, including records from labels such as Compost, Stickman Records, Cleveland City and Outer Rhythm.”

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1. Panoptikum – Elaste
2. Laser – Body (Ambient)
3. Ballistic Brothers – Blacker (X-Press 2 Dark Black)
4. Leftfield – Not Forgotten (Dub)
5. ?
6. Biotrans – Moxy
7. ?
8. Romanthony – Testify I
9. Mood II Swing – Nafara
10. Direct 2 Disc – Afternoon
11. Z-Formation – Hollow Cloud
12. ?
13. Terrace – Beyond The Mind

Featured Image: Timo Steenvoorden