Denney hails from England’s Northeast, rising to underground fame with acclaimed releases on the likes of Hot Creations, VIVa Music, Crosstown Rebels, and many more.

Hailed for his ubiquitous tune ‘Low Frequency’, an acid tinged house music bomb, Denney’s talents as a versatile and energetic DJ have seen him play all over the world: Europe and Australia to America, playing in the world’s most reputed clubs like London’s fabric and DC10 in Ibiza.

This past July, Denney samples Mekon’s notorious ‘What’s Going On?’ original (2000) for a summer reimagining, certain to cause damage across dance floors everywhere. Wit that track doing the business on dance floors around the world, Denney joined us for a q&a and also provided this great mix!

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Can you explain a bit about this mix? What was your approach in constructing it?
It’s a live mix I did in one take, I wanted to portray what I do In a club, which I think it does pretty well.

Your recent release, “Whats Going On” came out in July? What was the starting point for the track for you?
It was a long process as I had the idea to do it 6 years ago. The original record was a bit of a classic for myself and my friends so I wanted to do a new version and it took me a year to persuade Mekon to find the DAT and send me the vocal. Once I had that I tried to do about 4 versions but they were never right, last year I revisited it and here we are.

The track is also a collaboration with Mekon. How did that collab come about and what is it about the two of you that complement each other’s sound and approach?
It’s a collaboration because I basically did a new version of his record from 17 years ago. The original was a breakbeat track so I got the vocal off Mekon and turned it into a house record.

How have you found the response to the track this summer? What were some premiere places where it’s crowd reaction was top?
Its been great and had people playing it across the board, from the likes of Seth Troxler to Danny Howard. Its been a big record for me for the last year but have seen some cool videos of people playing it. Most recently was the one of Jamie Jones and Seth playing it at Elrow London Town, it looked amazing.

What else do you have coming up through the end of the year you are particularly looking forward to?
I have releases dropping on Relief, Saved Records and Crosstown Rebels. There is a track on the Crosstown Release I am really excited about, its possibly my favourite record I’ve made!

Finally, how do you maintain your health and mindfulness through the rigors of the summer schedule?
Eating healthily, exercise and also meditation are what I find best. I also want to start yoga soon. Its all about balance, I just pick and choose when I let my hair down now I can’t handle the hangovers!


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Wexx – Dirty Girl
Mark Jenkyns ft Mizbee – Sirens
Tennan – Nah Dah
Los Suruba ft Celeda – Funk You
Jason Xmoon – Hot Time (S-Man Edit)
David Berrie – A.D.D
Montel – Heavy Nizzer
Denney – Oola
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Nico Stojan – Imagination (Audiojack Remix)
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