Whether playing at an intimate club, a packed festival or a magical sunrise deep in the Playa, Tara Brooks music envelopes the crowd, stirring them with deep grooves, hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies.

Since 2007, her unique sounds have been experienced at some of the most respected venues, both domestic and abroad, including The BPM Festival, Katerblau, Sisyphos, Blue Marlin, Acid Sundays, The Brooklyn Mirage, Flash, Do Not Sit…, Lightning in a Bottle, Sound Nightclub, PublicWorks, and a little place called Burning Man.

Rounding out the whirlwind 2017 before kicking off 2018 the right way with appearances at Australia’s Rainbow Serpent and Costa Rica’s Envision, Tara also is set to release studio work on the likes of Kindisch, Exotic Refreshment, and more. Here, we’re pleased to bring Tara Brooks to you as the 318th edition in our mix series. Take a listen and hear why she, and her music, has been described compelling, sophisticated, haunting and healing.

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1. Out of the Blue (Original Mix) Death on the Balcony
2. Feelingly (Original Mix) Some Little Things
3. Point Phrase (Original Mix) Premiesku
4. La Espinha (Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela Remix)
5. Move On (Original Mix) Basti Grub
6. Just Want (Original Mix) Kevin Yost
7. Delusive (Original Mix) Lake People
8. Manati (Original Mix) Yarosslav
9. In Sfera (Original Mix) Premiesku
10. Lock (Original Mix) Livio & Roby
11. Standing On My Feet (Original Mix) Alessandro Diga
12. Initio (Sau Poler remix)
13. Sima’s Star (Original Mix) Prismode, Solvane
14. Celestial Dreams (Original Mix) Ari Miller
15. Nous (Original Mix) Kora
16. Tomorrows Happiness (Original Mix) Lake People