Gilles Wasserman is one of the co-founders of NYCʼs underground team ‘Fictionʼ, who create intimate events for discerning tastes, combined with top sound and theatrical production.

Also co-founder of Fiction Lab, a music platform who connects the NY underground with international talent, Gilles is a staple of NYCʼs underground and a purveyor of infectious energy.

As a DJ, his ability to provide journeys, whether it is at a club, loft, rooftop or warehouse, has had him appear alongside the likes of Ripperton, Baikal, Nuno Dos Santos, Job Jobse, Eagles & Butterflies, Matthew Dear, Love Over Entropy, Hyenah, and more. With this mix, hear why Gilles journeyman sound and get a taste of the NYC underground.

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01 Far Out Radio Systems – Jane Goodall [Curle Recordings]
02 Internacional Electrical Rhythms – Momental [Lossless]
03 Cleveland – Pay Back [Hivern Disks]
04 QNA – Tabor Session [True Rotary Recordings]
05 Far Out Radio Systems – Vaquita [Curle Recordings]
06 Dubspeeka – Lyss( [Crosstown Rebels]
07 Hammer – Rails [Glasgow Underground]
08 Vok – Polar (Ripperton remix) [Nettwerk Records]
09 Modular Project – Alphaville (Nuno Dos Santos remix) [Nothing is Real]
10 Love Over Entropy – Land Before Time [Lossless]
11 TB – Heartbreak Hotel [Permanent V(c(tion]
12 Carl Finlow – Anomaly (2016 Reissue) [Craigie Knowes]