Born in Iran, raised in Rotterdam, and recently relocated to Amsterdam, Moody Mehran is a selector who needs little introduction in the local Dutch scene.

With a naturally ingrained passion for proper electronic music within a very wide spectrum highly influenced by labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Traxx records, DJ International Records & Dance Mania. Take a tour of this one of a kind sound with the 345th edition of our mix series as we welcome Moody mehran!

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Tanbarin – Susumu Yokota
Touch (Part 4) – Secession
Ohashi Sky Garden (Richard Sen Remix) – Phil Gerus
Keep Calm – Bionda E Lupo
One Hour Before Dawn – Unit Black Flight
House Room (Paul du Lac Acid Dub) – Tevo Howard
Midi Beats – Gherkin Jerks
Blackholes (The Sun Of God Remix) – Steve Poindexter, Armando
The Sneepey (Original Mix) – Raheem Hershel
metamorphasis (r2r mix) – Infra-Red
The Morning After (Sunrise Mix) – Fallout
Can U Hear Me Now (Original Mix) – Africans With Mainframes
Tribal Memories – Bandulu
Whitney Houston, Kraftwerk I Wanna Dance with Somebody (mashup)