Theus Mago is the alter ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González, a consequence to the urge of freely exploring and experimenting with a more post-industrial driven side.

Responsible for dance music projects such as Bufi (Kitsuné/Discotexas), Sonido Fantasma (Turbo Recordings) and currently co-head of label Duro, Theus Mago has also released via Correspondant, Lumiere Noire, Turbo Recordings, La Dame Noire, My Favorite Robot and soon on Ombra Intl.

This spring, Theus Mago will bring his sounds to Europe for the month with a tour spanning Vilnus (30 March), Barcelona (31 March), Valencia (6 April), Berlin (7 & 14 April), Madrid (13 April), Den Haag (20 April). before the tour kicks off get to know Theus Mago with this 346th edition of our mix series.

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1. dj hell – wir reiten durch die nacht – International Deejay Gigolo
2. Семь Ножей (Seven Knives) – Третий (The Third One) – Mange Moi
3. Brioski – Onertolati – Slow Motion
4. Motel77 – There Will Be Pain – La Dame Noir Records
5. Vicky Montefucso – You Know That I Know You – Nein
6. These Mago – Smoking Lights (Curses Dub) – Ombra Intl.
7. Iñigo Vontier – Patito – Lumiere Noire
8. Colossio – Paranoia – Calypso
9. Bufi – Maquina del Ritmo (Jackson & Mago Mix) – Duro
10. Theus Mago – Low Cost Interstellar Drive – Play Pal
11. The Golden Filter – End Of Times – Optimo
12. TYU – Girasol (Curses Tuff Stuff Remix) – Duro
13. Moscoman – The Lady Of The Light – Treisar
14. Theus Mago – Inertials (Iñigo Vontier Remix) – Duro
15. Acid Pauli – Ayam (Red Axes Remix) – Ouie
16. Theus Mago – Smokey Red Lights (Arthur Johnson mix) – Ombra Intl.
17. dj hell – inferno part 2 – International Deejay Gigolo