DHA Mix #348 By Chaim

Chaim is an Israeli musician, whose organic and forward-thinking music rouses listeners around the globe. His productions have found homes on some of the industry’s most notable labels, including BPitch Control, Rumors, Supplement Facts, Saved Records, Cocoon, and many more. With a knack for turning out hits like “Love Rehab” [BPitch Control] and the Ibiza anthem “Blue Shadow” [Rumors], Chaim continually finds himself at the forefront of a booming electronic music culture.

Known for gracing the DJ booths of acclaimed venues like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Output (NYC), Stereo (Montreal) and The Block (Tel Aviv) amongst others, Chaim creates memorable soundtracks for even the largest, most diverse crowds. His understanding and respect for the classics can be witnessed in his sets, as he effortlessly weaves listeners between familiar, jacking jams to off-kilter techno.

As he looks ahead, Chaim is excited to further expand his Live show, while exploring new immersive experiences with music. An artist bound by no genre, but rather feelings of liberation and joy, Chaim creates music that is truly universal.


4tis -Mi Hemtzi(Jenia&Jinga intro edit) Fixed
Paulor -paulors blues
Jenia &Jinga feat David canttan -back2life
Danito & Athina – Hypnos (Innellea_s Highway to Hypnosis)
Chaim*Jenia*Jinga-Wrong Diagonal (New MM)otc18
Chaim-Pao’s Track
Sebbo-Elephanze ce Danze
Chaim feat maalem kouyou-hadi gnawa
Echonomist-Persama (Chaim,jenia Remix)
Malonso&Von Party-Clupman
MASTER_XXX999 B2] – Iñigo Vontier.wav
H_A – I Gave You All Edit
Malandra Jr. – Dance Warriors ( Original Mix )
Chaim-Vintelator Dance