Ańii has made the long journey from Poland to London to master her skills in music production at the renowned music school, Point Blank Music School.

Upon graduation, and since accepting an engineering job over at Wired Studios, Ańii’s love for UK capital has only intensified, today proudly calling it home and is based out of her own Shoredich studio. Ańii demonstrates her passion for music through deep, dark techno and soulful deep house. She has previous releases on Stil Vor Talent, Polymath, Sincopat, Parquet and Making You Dance. Now, this tremendous new talent joins the Kompakt family with her upcoming EP “Korzenie,” which is due on 9 March.

In the meantime, get familiar with Anii with this exclusive DJ mix prepared for us. We also caught up with the artist to get her impressions on Point Blank, Kompakt, her native Poland, and more.

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Hi Anii! It’s nice to have you featured with us and, if you’re there, I hope staying warm in cold London as we are in freezing Amsterdam. First off, I wanted to give everyone a brief introduction to you and your background. So, can you give us a little insight into your musical background in your native Poland? What were its roots? Where were you going out? Etc.
Hey hey …thanks for inviting me to do this mix for Deep House Amsterdam. I’ve been staying warm in London and very happy the snow is finally over!

So…about myself . I’m from Bydgoszcz, Poland originally which is an industrial city so there was never much going on. When the first club opened there I was 16 – I was under age so had to sneak in with a fake ID. They later they open a summer club in Myslencinek – it’s in a park and there I properly discovered what clubbing was. Later, I started collecting vinyl and started teaching myself how to DJ during the day in the local club. I was hooked immediately – music became everyting to me and allowed me to escape from my reality. I wanted more so moved to London which remains my home.

How would you say your Polish roots influence your music, and also your general approach the creating?
I was exposed to a lot of folk music in Poland growing up . For example the culture and music in Zacopane where I used to go snowboarding is quite different than from my home but it all makes me recall there was a similar “Polish Soul” in the music constantly around me. Chopin is a great example of how rich and wonderful Polish music can be. I’m inspired by the so many great violinists I listened to at home and on the streets and try to embrace that in my music.

Then, upon moving to London, you studied at Point Blank Music Academy. As we have a close relationship and consider the academy friends, how did you find your time there? What would you say you got most out of your program?
Going to Point Blank was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot and got to meet my mentor, Ian Mackenzie from Wired Studios (who I now work for).

I took courses in Ableton Live Music Production, Sound Design and Live Performance. It was the best decision I ever made. It taught me how to be creative, use Ableton and had the opportunity to have full access to a recording studio to develop my skills.

From there, what would you say were some important events in your early DJ career?
I’ve had 4 major life events so far….the first was meeting Ian (my mentor) who continues to teach me new skills, a job and was there to keep me motivated with a studio to work out of right when I got out of school. Second was meeting by greatest friend Joe (aka Third Son) when I played a gig in London with him in late 2015. He opened my eyes to a different music direction as for some many years I had been producing house music. He gave me the confidence to start over fresh and I became Anii shortly after. The third was when I built my own studio – it was a dream come true to work from my own head space and go forward independently. Finally the fourth was one of the best days of my life – when Michael Mayer emailed me and asked me if he could sign my music to Kompakt.

Now, with your “Korzenie” EP soon out via Kompakt. Tell us, what was the starting point of the project? Was it a certain theme you built around or, perhaps, something less abstract?
I know it sounds redundant but I truly sat down wanting to create something special. The idea for “Working The Root” was totally abstract but it came together well in the end for me. For the other two tracks I wanted to bring in live instrumentation that was close to my heart. The violin on “Cyganca” comes from a music piece named ‘Polish Caprice’. I fell in love with how it’s played and built the track around it.

And what would you say was the central piece of software/hardware used in the creation of the EP?
I produce with Omnisphere , Trylian , and Komplete along with Hardware…moog 37,Prophet 06, OB6 ,Mother 37and TR-808

1.Diego Errázuriz – ALMA Piano (Original Mix)
2.Tobias. – Visitors (Original Mix)
3.Ostinato I (Original Mix)
4.Etapp Kyle – Ritual (Original Mix)
5.dubspeeka – She Loves (16edit) (Original Mix)
8.Efdemin – Acid Bells (Album Version)
9.dubspeeka – K304 Walk With Me (version2) (Original Mix)
10.DJ Hell – Anything, Anytime (Flashmob Remix)
11.Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
12.Tlak – Dispossessed (Original Mix)
14.Ambivalent – Whyou (Michael Mayer Mix)
16.Age Of Love – The Age of Love (Solomun Renaissance Remix)
17.Mariano Arellano – 1937 (Original Mix)