Andrew Thomson has been at the helm of Huntleys + Palmers for the past 10 years.

Displaying a keen curatorial ear via parties between Glasgow and London, mutiple record labels (Huntleys + Palmers, Highlife, Belters), a Rinse FM show, and countless international appearances as a DJ of all descriptions, Andrew has aided in launching the careers of talented individuals from Argentina to the Ukraine, the Gorbals to Tel Aviv – including the likes of Auntie Flo, SOPHIE, Mehmet Aslan, Hi & Saberhägen, Red Axes, Golden Teacher and many, many more.

Now, the sound felt everywhere from Glastonbury, Bassiani, Salon des Amateurs and Fabric, to Sub Club, Berghain Kantine, and Dimensions can be heard right here as the latest edition in our mix series.

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Waak Waak Djungi – Mother, I’m Going
Shedbug – Dream State
Lipelis & Sasha Lipsky – Be Good To Me Baby
Block Univers – Homeward
Starlight – Picnic
TELL – Cool Bananas
Keysha – Stop It!
Hi & Saberhägen – Trusti Issues
Broken Arrows – Edge of Darkness
Delroy Edwards – Wild Illusions
Eleanor – Adventure
Hi Liner – Loving You
Green Ink – Party
Wolfram – Automatic Dub
Wighnomy Bros. – Wurz + Blosse
The Revenge – A Dream Or Some Substance
Lyand – East Coast
Osunlade – Idiosyncrasy
Volte-Face – Blatchington Mill (Wata Igarashi’s Stairway Remix)
Prince Kongo – The Jungle (Smagghe & Cross Remix)
Jordan – Losing Track
Lhasa – Transcendence
Naum Gabo – 250914ªº (Night Mix)
Maroje T – Alpha Quadrant