Paula Tape is a woman inspired by passion and curiosity for all arts and, above all, music.

It is a passaion that has inspired her to relocate from her native Santiago de Chile, where she grew up as a drummer in a few metal and indie-electro bands, to DJ whilst studying fashion design at University.

Living between Barcelona and Milan, she has since devoted herself full time to this primary passion, continuing to explore electronic sounds and following her natural inclination to dig for hidden gems. This opened her ears to Italo & more experimental influences, and after some research, created her passion for percussive sounds, which have shaped her eclectic style as heard on her radio residency called ‘Music for Plants’ and it’s a hallmark of her sets. Here, this eclecticism is on full display as Paula Tape goes in the mix for the 372nd edition of our series.

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Export – Pearl Harbour
D.A.F. – El Que (jonathan Kusuma edit)
Spargo – Go (mondo disco edit)
Desert Sound Colony – Lose My Rhythm
Pushing Movies – “Thinking About You” (Lauer remix)
Unknown artist – (tnemetsuja reitleknud dniknnamrebo) gnos yppah
stefan egger – power synthi (sneakers bakalao ajustement)
Kris Baha – start over
DJ Arif – Gegenzauber
Skyrager -Beat girl
Jonny Rock – Radio Morocco (Jonny Rock Edit)
Jules Etienne – John’s Job (Rhythm Track)
Virginia – Blue Pyramid (Original Mix)
Alexis Le-Fan – Agre
Blind Rape – Decorum
Majesty’s Pleasure – Our Love Call
Yello – Wall Street Bongo