Veteran Producer & label head Mike Simonetti’s 20-year story reveals an interminable role within the underground few others are able to claim.

Operating at the intersection between punk and dance, this seminal New York figure saw the possibilities of both interjected with each other with the intention of creating something fresh and never before felt, whether in The Big Apple or beyond. This approach resulted in labels like Troubleman, Italians Do It Better, (most recent imprint) 2MR, and the collaborative Pale Blue project.

Now, with a pedigree of breaking acts like Chromatics, Vatican Shadow, Zola Jesus, and more across these imprints, Simonetti sets the release of “Solipsism (Collected Works 2006 – 2013)”, a collection of tracks produced during the Italians Do It Better days. The package is a diverse spectrum of music, made for every medium including film & tv, commercials, and fashion shows, the album is a mixture of metal and chugging dance music makes for a unique listening experience.

With the album imminent, we managed to get the Jersey tastemaker, artist, DJ and label owner on board for the 395th edition of our mix series.

“Solipsism (Collected Works 2006 – 2013)” is available 28 September on 2MR PRE ORDER

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