Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project led by Liudas Lazauskas.

While most of the electronic music follows a clear and often monotonic pattern, you never know what you will get from Roe Deers. With a tendency to step out of the standard formula of success, Roe Deers employs all shades of love in his shows, sets, and productions, so that the only natural response is to dance.

With music appearing on labels like Duro, Calypso, Omnidisc, Suara, Beat is Murder, and more, Roe Deers showcases his music with this latest mix.

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1. Roe Deers – For You (Bad Habits Cover) / upcoming Mange Moi
2. Fabio Fabio – Frutto Del Paradiso / IVREATRONIC
3. Thomass Jackson feat. Beyou – Stillness Of Mind (Roe Deers Remix) / Unreleased
4. The Cyclist – Jackson Kalter / Tropical Animals
5. Roe Deers – Jukebox / Unreleased
6. DJ Oil – Gilive (Original Mix) / Les Disques De la mort
7. Coobe – Sisra (Roe Deers Remix) / upcoming Playground
8. Francisco – Music / Slow Motion
9. Lust & Fury Edits – Shout (Mufti Edit) / Ombra International
10. Club Bizarre – We Are Spreading Love (Colossio Remix) / Blindetonation
11. Course Correction – The Tunguska Event (Original Mix) / Nein
12. Bad Habits – Losses (Dance Version) / upcoming Bad Habits
13. Locomia – Locomia (Iro Aka Fucking Edit) / Unreleased
14. Roe Deers – Drunk Like A Cowboy / Rotten City Records
15. Andrem – Vendetta (Roe Deers Remix) / upcoming Play Pal Music
16. Roe Deers – Singing Bowl / upcoming Mange Moi
17. Bad Habits – Bad Habits (Curses Remix) / upcoming Bad Habits
18. Curses – Gold & Silber feat. Perel (Chinaski Tech Noir Mix) / Dischi Autunno
19. Delkom – Viva La Droga / MFS