As a DJ, Reza believes in moods and atmospheres rather than genres – mind & body dancing is the biggest precedence in his musical philosophy and sets.

This vision and musical approach earned him a residency at the Horizon parties at Canvas in Amsterdam. From there he made his personal mark on the Dutch capital with a set during the closing days of Trouw and to the rest of the Netherlands with a standout performance at PITCH Festival.

After a year of self-reflection, Reza Athar is now back with a vengeance by providing the latest instalment in our mix series.

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01. Elements Of Life – Are You With Me Love?

02. Max Essa – Come Come The Rain (Charles Webster Mix)

03. Tiago – Disambiguation

04. Khotin – Strange Plant

05. Adultrock – Gold Waves

06. Tora Vinter – Sheherazde

07. Mi Ami – Free Of Life

08. Weird Weather – Leather Chair

09. Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics

10. Gacha Bakradze – Image (Earth Trax Mix)

11. Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet (Edward Version)

12. Memphis – Around The World

13. Tevo Howard – True Faith

14. Fred Ventura – Dangerous Neighborhoods

15. Field Of Dreams – Draw The Line

16. Roy Of The Ravers – Oriental X0X-Press (Bassmix)

17. Johannes Albert – Fountain Of Youth (Marlon Hoffstadt ‘Future’ Mix)

18. Xinner – Dream Resonator

19. Trevino – Warmer