Man Power is a production alias for Geoff Kirkwood, a musician and DJ originally from the North East of England who is now nominally based in Mexico.

Recognised for his broad tastes and eclectic style which takes in everything from House and Techno to blissed out Balearia, Industrial sounds, Mutant Disco, Post Punk and New Wave, and experimental electronica.

This breadth sees Man Power as a regular feature on bills for the worlds most prestigious clubs and festivals such as Panorama Bar Berlin, Fabric London, Glastonbury Festival, Love International Festival, Burning Man, Rex Club Paris, and DGTL Festival.

His mercurial nature has also seen him release music on varied labels including Optimo Trax, ESP Institute, Hivern Discs, Correspondant, STAMP, Permanent Vacation, Throne of Blood, Not An Animal and more.

2016 saw the launch of Man Power’s record label “Me Me Me” which exists as a further extension in defining his tastes, and has so far played host to music from DJ Tennis, Red Axes, Axel Boman, Pional, Andrew Weatherall, Rex The Dog, Last Waltz, James Hadfield, Pale Blue, Elliot Adamson, Shit Robot and many more varied and exciting artists.

As personal long-time fans of Man PowerDHA is very happy to welcome him to do mix #412

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