Some Chemistry, born into a globetrotting family that found music to be the closest thing to religion, is a new age nomad and music is his first home.

After conducting an amateur drum ensemble over in Burkina Faso, he became a guitar player in several indie-punk bands throughout The Netherlands and ultimately became infected by theintensely repetitive music of Amsterdam’s underground clubbing scene.

Intrigued by the infinite possibilities and having a taste for leftfield house and techno, he immersed himself into a true ambassador of dance in Amsterdam by the early 2010’s. If he is not in the studio or out DJing, he is on the hunt for new electronictalent and shares his newfound treasures by having curated well-respected events in Amsterdam based clubs such as Trouw, Studio 80, Marktkantine and cutting-edge festivals by Georgie’s, Oranjebloesem and Next Monday’s Hangover.

Some Chemistry easily switches between a melodramatic kind of indie house, by the likes of Mano le Tough and the more uncompromising atmospherical sounds of John Talabot.

During 2018, this versatility saw him return to seminal Dutch festival Wildeburg and playing a massive b2b session with Adriatique in Amsterdam’s LOFT venue.

On the release side of things, Some Chemistry released ‘Tofu Drama’ on famed Amsterdam imprint Bordello A Parigi which was premiered right here at DHA.

‘The feel’ of music is more important than the quality of the kick, he says. Therefore, he compares his music with the experience of eating a mango. “Difficult to eat, yet incredible tasty.”

Bite into our last soundbyte of the year, as Some Chemistry delivers mix #414 just before 2018 ends.

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