A Lithuanian youngster who can’t stop dreaming about music; Lukas has been producing music for most of his life.
During early school years, Lukas picked up DJ-ing and started playing local discotheques. In his home town Taurage he started spreading electronic music culture with party series called ‘Kambarys’ (‘Room’in English).
After a lot of musical exploration, he created his Zakmina project and started to turn the ideas about how it should sound in his head, into music that he himself describes as a mix of indie, psychedelic techno, electro, house and punk music.

By now, Zakmina has released his music on labels like Nein Records, Roam Recordings, Sulk Magic and Night Noise.

His releases have successfully grown to top charts and have been played by well know names like Nick Warren, Andrew Weatherall, Manfredas, Haai, Curses, Theus Mago, Jennifer Cardini, Tronik Youth, Cabaret Nocturne, Jason Peters, Fedele and many more.

We are happy to welcome Zakmina as he delivers mix #415, the first of 2019.

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