Canadian producer, DJ, promoter and Rhombus label head has a strong musical background. Playing everything from trumpet, piano to the drums and  listening to his father’s Vangelis records definitely helped him shape his sound, ranging from house to techno and beyond. For the collaboration between DHA and The Boom Room he sat down and put together his first studio mix since summer 2014.

Stefan already mastered many tools a good producer needs when growing up. After being exposed to electronic music in junior high and attending his first rave near Vancouver he was hooked. This was in the year 2000. Since his first release on Berlin label Resopal Shallware in 2010 he released tracks on My Favourite Robot, Circle MusicAurora Music, his own Rhombus imprint and last year he released his debut ‘BLU EP’ on Amsterdam-based imprint Subjekt.

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Last year we had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his ‘BLU EP’. This time you can expect one and a half hours with music that inspires Stefan Z at the moment. Still it takes you on a musical trip with a beginning, middle and end. Listening to this mix makes you feel that Stefan’s taste in music has been shaped over a long period of time, is inspired by a wide spectrum of music and a love for distortion and saturation.

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