Being a multi-million dollar grossing DJ doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the same amount of adoration everywhere you go. This is exactly what Diplo and Skrillex found out the hard way during the third day of Burning Man.

On Wednesday Seth Troxler was actually meant to play the festival but couldn’t make in at the last moment. So instead of the Seth, they decided to book revered electro-house and dubstep artists Diplo and Skrillex, under their moniker ‘Jack U’, instead. It doesn’t take a musical wizard to understand that this change in the line-up is quite a big difference in style.

While it first seemed that the crowd accepted the sound of Skrillex, rumour has it that the mood immediately turned to worse when Diplo started to play DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s mega hit ‘Turn Down For What’. Salvos of boos and yells were said to be hurled at the superstar DJs and were forced to leave the stage as they were no longer able play.

As no videos of the incident have yet appeared, the actual truth to the story hasn’t yet surfaced. Diplo has already stated that  “we played techno for an hour and ended w turn down for what and people cheered”. What’s funnier than the (possible) booing itself, is that this triviality has actually been the biggest news story regarding Burning Man this year. Funny and kind of sad in a way.

Source: Pulse Radio