Is there anything better than camping with friends? Yes, when your friends also include world class DJs and producers like Claude Von Stroke, J Phlip, Christian Martin, and more from sunny California’s Dirtybird crew. The epic lineup for their annual campout was released today including those mentioned above and other Dirtybird staples like Shiba Shan, whose set last year had every booty bouncing on the dance floor. This year they have moved the event from Orange County to a more central location at the San Antonio Campgrounds in Bradley, CA which many festival friends will recognize as the same venue as the epic Lightning a Bottle. Now that they have a larger venue they are able to include another stage and more amazing artists than ever.

In true Dirtybird fashion the lineup also includes many b2b sets such as Desert Hearts crew members Mikey Lion b2b Porkchop and Dirtybird crew members Will Clarke b2b Kill Frenzy, plus Ardalan b2b Worthy. The b2b sets last year completely destroyed the dance floor and embodied the collaborative and fun nature of campout. Plus campers get once again can experience Claude play as both his Von Stroke techno alias and under his real name Barclay Crenshaw; which, features a rather unique and funky drum and bass style. This highlights the expanding nature of Dirtybird culture and the expansion from only house and techno into hip hop and bass music. As someone who has seen this artist play under both names it is truly inspiring to remember that we do not have to live inside a box and can branch out to make whatever kind of music and be whatever kind of person we want to be.

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Dirtybird captures that entire attitude of self expression. You can have fun dancing and then pop over and get some archery in with J Phlip or play an epic game of ultimate frisbee with Worthy. It’s like being a kid again: you just do what feels good and fun without everything being so serious all the time. Everyone is there to party together and hey, you may even seen Claude (or should we call you Barclay?) hanging out in the morning drinking his coffee in a bathrobe at the mainstage. All we know is this is an event that is growing every year and you for sure want to get a bit nostalgic and head back to summer camp with us. See the full lineup below and grab your tickets before the sell out!

dirtybird campout-lineup-2017

6-9 October | Dirtybird Campout 2017 | Tickets | Bradley, California