Two days ago, sibling duo Disclosure began a social media marketing tease of a new album.  What started with an Instagram post featuring a fully focused “Bang That” wallpapered MacBook sitting atop studio gear, eventually did indeed lead to the Soundcloud release of said track (with an official release on Annie Mac’s  BBC Radio show in between).  But, what the internet gives the internet also taketh away, and it seems like a healthy dose of the duo’s fanbase is highly unsatisfied with the latest offering.

As a track, “Bang That” does seem rather standard as, perhaps, the boys have been spending too much time on the EDM side of things after the massive success of their premiere album “Settle“.  Featuring a big room ready bassline, and Ghetto-Tech-esque sampling (313 Bass Mechanic’s “Pass Out”), “Bang That” will inevitably rumble its way onto playlists from California to Croatia, no doubt garnered by the worldwide recognition of the Disclosure brand.

Regardless of the seasonal dominance of “Bang That,” amongst Disclosure’s (social media) fanbase, the track has received (at best) a mixed reaction.  With a quick perusal of the group’s Soundcloud and Twitter streams, we can see several adverse reactions, mostly focused on the “what happened to the old Disclosure” argument.  However, several other complaints came in the form of: “RIP Disclosure,” “Mediocre,” “PASS,” “Hope your new album doesn’t all sound like this,” “This is Horrible,” “You’ve been jumpin about with the yanks for too long,” (a personal favorite) as well as the always effective, “This Sucks“.

To the defence of Disclosure, with an interview on Annie Mac’s show they did address the straight forward nature of the track, as well as its departure from the more bouncy, pop style productions that preceded it.  Hope your new albums doesn’t all sound like this.  “[We] haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from,” the duo told Annie.  And the news isn’t all bad for Disclosure since they do have collaborations with Mary J. Blige and Jimmy Napes, as well as having remixed Usher and Pharrell tracks over the past year.  And, onvitably there are the proponents of “Bang That,” expressing their voices via the same medium as its detractors.  Perhaps, most effectively written by Soundcloud user Beaux, “enjoyed that, nice to see you reaching for credibility again“.

Take a listen to “Bang That” below and decide for yourself if this is something for you or not.