Starting Monday, the internet’s preeminent domain for vinyl record collectors, Discogs, is going mobile.

With the long-awaited release of their mobile application, Discogs has finally taken the plunge, moving out of Beta testing and inviting the general public access to its extensive database.

The app itself (which will be available for iOS, with an Android version announced for the future) is fairly easy to navigate. Simply, scan a barcode with your phone’s camera, or manage a search results by swiping to add or delete to your wish list. Also, any given LP’s marketplace pricing is prominent, for better or worse.

Any future additions, adjustments, and upgrades to the app are heavily revolved around community engagement, where Discogs will take into account what its users are asking for, integrating them into future versions, thus making the app an ever-evolving tool.

The app will launch Monday, 29 February in the morning, Pacific Standard time.