Diynamic, founded by Solomun in 2006, will celebrate its 10th label anniversary this year, with a slew of 10 Year celebration events and a 10 Year Compilation featuring its core family: Solomun, Adriatique, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, H.O.S.H., Stimming, Karmon, NTFO, Thyladomid, Ost & Kjex, Magdalena, Johannes Brecht, Undercatt and Lehar.

Anyone who knows the names above also knows the closeness of bond between them, a bond that resembles the qualities of family members. What this means is that the anniversary is not just a jubilee of music, but also a decade of close friendships. With that, the decade celebration is in full swing and, after the novel 10-Years-Diynamic parties in multiple metropolises around the globe, it’s time for music.

“10 Years Diynamic Compilation” is available 15 September on Diynamic Music.


1. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Jupiter Sunrise
2. Adriatique – Jekaterinburg
3. Solomun feat. Liu Bei – Let It Out
4. Johannes Brecht – 2nd Movement
5. Stimming – Hope and Ramati
6. Thyladomid – Decade
7. H.O.S.H. – The Drumpet Show

1. NTFO – Tension
2. Ost & Kjex – Heatwave
3. Lehar – Lonestar Memories
4. Magdalena – Should I Stay
5. Karmon – Outline
6. Undercatt – Mongrel

Tracklist LP:
A1. Solomun feat. Liu Bei – Let It Out
A2. Adriatique – Jekaterinburg
A3. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Jupiter Sunrise
B1. Johannes Brecht – 2nd Movement
B2. Stimming – Hope and Ramati
C1. Thyladomid – Decade
C2. H.O.S.H. – The Drumpet Show
D1. NTFO – Tension
D2. Ost & Kjex – Heatwave
E1. Lehar – Lonestar Memories
E2. Magdalena – Should I Stay
F1. Karmon – Outline
F2. Undercatt – Mongrel