Nobody has actually descended through Dante’s Hell, but if there is one person in the world who has come close – it’s probably Eddie Rangel. This is his story. A story which could easily be the plot in the next Tarantino flick.

According to Thump, back in 2013, Eddie was an aspiring music producer based in Los Angeles, working under the artist pseudonym IZM. He wasn’t making much money there in LA, but received a golden opportunity to DJ a NYE party in the Pacific-side resort town Sayulita, Mexico. However, something about the opportunity had already felt awry for young Eddie– as the club owner, Carlos, directed him to first detour to San Francisco to pick up cash, DJ equipment, and a couple of ‘envelopes’ before flying in. A bit shady, but hey – a gig is a gig?

Arriving in Sayulita with skinny jeans, a leather jacket, an overgrown lop-sided Mohawk, and pierced ears – Eddie felt displaced but ready to party. He finally met Carlos, who turned out not being Chapo Guzman, and was introduced to the entire crew organizing the party. New Years arrived and they had a good time, digesting lots of Ecstasy and having good clean fun.

Then, one day – a town drunk belligerently waltzes into the space they had been hanging out, starting a ruckus. Carlos, who is secretly fully trained in the Martial Art form – San Soo, was not very happy with this. He kicks him right in the balls with one swift motion. Carlos felt bad, so he gives the guy a bag of ice. The drunk then vanishes into the night.

A few moments after witnessing Carlos annihilate this drunk-ass guy, the drunk makes his return by arriving in a brand new Camaro along with [what appeared to be] a low-level Cartel boss and his posse. Various statements in Spanglish are exchanged, and the same bag of ice Carlos gave as a token of honor ends up being thrown right back at one of Eddie’s friend’s face – Ashley. In retaliation, Ashley catapults her drinking glass, glocking the cartel boss just above the eyebrow. According to Hammurabi’s code, this would have been an act of justice – but that doesn’t apply in Sayulita.

Not feeling very diplomatic, the Cartel Boss says, “Dame la pistola.” Yes – this is some next level shit.

Fortunately, the posse decidedly bum rushes the five of them rather than pulling a Sylvester Stallone. Because of this, Eddie and his friends now had a better chance in gaining the upper hand to control the situation.

Using an RCA cable and pink dog leash, Carlos manages to restrain one of the guys, but there are still two posse guys on the loose. Eddie effectively uses a Muay Thai technique to non-lethally subdue a second guy, so there is still one last chicken with its head chopped off.

The last man standing is still on the loose and has fled the building. But choke-master Eddie and a friend of his are in pursuit. Eddie, who at this point has the appearance of an adrenaline-fused Patrick Bateman, is more or less just scurrying throughout the town in a state of hypnosis – lost in context. Not knowing what was up next, Eddie began to head back to the club.

It is at this point in the story, where Eddie takes his first step into Dante’s world. Creeping up the stairs, he comes to find something very strange. Standing there nonchalantly is Carlos – who is crunching on a perfectly delicious granola bar.

But that’s not all.

Eddie saw a guy lying on the ground, staring straight up. He then stepped over the guy – realizing that he was fucking dead.