1988 in London was very different from the Socialist Republic of Lithuania, where I saw the daylight that same year. However, everywhere in the world freedom was heavily breaking into the skulls of young people. And just as induced by the music of Pink Floyd, youth to the east of the Iron Curtain was fighting communist oppression with Rock music, youth to the West was breaking boundaries along all forms of art, fashion, self expression and especially music. 1988 in London was also the year electronic music saw the birth of ambient house music pioneers The Orb (highly inspired by Pink Floyd too).

Lunar Orbit is a documentary that gives a rear view to the origins, digs into the story behind the music of The Orb, Britain’s pioneers of ambient house music, authors of the legendary “Little Fluffy Clouds”. It goes behind the scenes of the creative process of Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann creating the album Moonbuilding 2703 AD (duo’s lates release – COW / Chill Out World came out this October).

Due to their trippy psychadellic sound, back in the 90s the Orb developed a cult following among clubbers “coming down” from drug-induced highs. However, beyond the recognition of their ambient themed music, the duo is notoriously famous for their controversial ideology of using sampling technique (unauthorised use of other artists’ works). However, Alex Paterson takes pride in this and in an interview to Pond5blog has commented:

“The people who get pissed off about sampling are mainly people who don’t understand music and are after money. Managers and publishers and the people who aren’t musicians but are making money are the ones who get mad.”

The documentary promises a glimpse of unprecedented studio access, rare unseen archive material and interviews with key creative players; Youth, Guy Pratt, Mixmaster Morris, Matt Black, and many other current and former members of the Orb’s extended family.

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“Lunar Orbit” Europe Premiere: Nov 11TH, Doc’n Roll, London.