From the cinema to the nightclub, the way we hear music at our favourite venues may be about to change forever thanks to Dolby’s Atmos system.

Dolby Laboratoriess has been a staple of cinema’s the world over (you may have heard the system in films like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), but now the company looks to bring its famed Atmos sound technology into the nightclub space.  As described by Gabe Cory, the product manager of Dolby Atmos:

A club that has been outfitted with a Dolby Atmos set-up will give audiences a unique and high-quality audio experience they’ve never had before. This sets the venue apart and also draws in forward thinking artists and DJs that want to push the boundaries by mixing their music in Dolby Atmos. When you hear the difference between a set mixed in stereo versus Dolby Atmos, there’s no comparison.

Dolby Atmos will offer listeners a totally immersive sound experience, similar to that of 4DSOUND. An Atmos-enabled room allows track parts to be heard separated (like the vocals coming in from overhead) but also moving around the sound space (for example, hi-hats could rotate around the venue). As Atmos systems are beyond “channel-based” audio, sound elements are turned into “objects” that can appear from anywhere and move around freely within a space equipped with the system.

In order to facilitate the additional hardware, a venue must be out outfitted with a surround sound system and the performers music must be prepared and delivered with Dolby Atmos software. One can simply apply the Dolby Atmos panner plugin within a DAW that will allow them to create a 3-D sound mapping. Using the Dolby Atmos DJ app, one can then perform the songs and move the sounds around the listening space in real time.

As Dolby is partnering with specific venues and artists, more interesting information is sure to come down the pipeline coming weeks.

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