Remember that dream job as tropical island caretaker that went on offer back in 2009? There’s a new job opening that millions will want to stick their teeth into, only this one isn’t for the flora and fauna enthusiasts, more so for the veteran, big-production festival visitor; because the federal US government is looking for a festival project manager. Burning Man, to be exact.

The Bureau of Land Management wants to hire a new Burning Man project to handle desk duties for the a salary somewhere between $69,500 and $90,300 a year. Although you will be traveling frequently, the position is based out of Winnemucca, Nevada.

The responsibilities of the applicant appear rather extensive as we can see on the original recruitment page of The job doesn’t just entail management of the festival while it’s happening, but much broader infrastructural duties and mission objectives the year round, with responsibilities extending beyond city and state. Some of the duties you will be handling:

  • The incumbent is to perform as project leader for complex projects such as “RMPs“, major “EIS’s” and “EA’s” and “Special Recreation Permits”
  • Keep complete overview of the multi-resources activities within the organization.
  • Advise supervisors and managers by suggesting approaches to solve problems.
  • When needed, the incumbent represents multiple districts and possible multiple states.
  • Candidates should have interest and experience working with permitting along with risk management plans and environmental assessments.

All the info on the job can be found here. Application is possible until the 8th of February.