Fresh newcomer in the Dutch underground scene, DSTRCT, will return with their second edition on March 6th, this time in the industrial setting of Factory010 in Rotterdam. The organization has once again chosen an unusual, but no less effective combination of artists. Featuring the line-up are Boddika, Joey Daniel and Nino&Frankie. The highlight of the evening, however, will be the headlining performance by the trailblazing power-duo Tale Of Us.

On the 12th of December last year, DSTRCT kicked off their debut in a packed Elementenstraat Warehouse, a venue that seamlessly falls in line with DSTRCT’s philosophy: to create a raw, industrial vibe through a combination of exceptional artists and unique locations. Art Department, Huxley, Matthias Tanzmann, Laura Jones and Boris Werner were some of the DJs that nailed it during this first edition.

On March 6th part two of DSTRCT’s adventure will continue in Rotterdam. To firmly plant their flag in Rotterdam’s nightlife, an appropriate venue has been chosen as the place where it will all go down. On the tenth floor of the well-known Maassilo lays Factory010, an industrial clubroom where the credo of the organizers will be appreciated. Imagine huge ventilation shafts running into the floor, acoustics that will make you shiver and on top of that a panoramic view on the city of Rotterdam. There will be extra attention given to the soundsystem, as the main room includes extra subs to give the musical experience a nudge.

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Regarding the music, a more compact line-up has been chosen this time to leave room for the headlining stars of the evening. Tale Of Us will make their Rotterdam debut during the second edition of DSTRCT. Their relentless sequence of worldwide bookings, immensely popular releases and a fixed spot in the Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ Poll – coming in on #2 for two consecutive years – granted this act a stellar rise through the DJ ranks.

Before Carmine and Matteo will start to hypnotize the crowd, it’s first time for another formidable artist to set the bar for the night. UK-born Boddika has made a name for himself over the years through his uncompromisingly analog productions that have made him extremely hard to pigeonhole into a specific genre. The task of warming up the stage before him will be in the trusted hands of Rotterdam’s Nino&Frankie, a DJ-duo perfectly suitable to prepare the crowd for what awaits them.

Joey Daniel – the face behind DSTRCT – will take on area two for a 7-hour-long marathon set; something that he has proven to be more than capable of handling through his all-night-long sets at Rotterdam’s Toffler. Daniel has been a household name in the Dutch scene through his residency at Toffler and his famed 300MPH parties. Other than that he has also been steadily building on his own DJ career with high-ranking bookings for such events as Timewarp, Elrow Barcelona and Pollerwiesen. The Funktion-One soundsystem in the second area will fortify his dubby sound and rolling bass lines. A cool alternative to the deeper atmospheres created by the headliner in the area next to it.

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