Welcome to the Rubber Tracks Sample Library. It’s a collection of free, high-quality audio samples recorded by a boundless number of artists that is still growing. And now, three very special artists from Dutch soil are the latest contributors to the Rubber Tracks Sample Library collection. During ADE, on October 16th, a panel showcase of the Sample Library will be curated by none other than Machinedrum, who will also be giving a live performance based on the Sample Library.

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RT’s Sample Library has tapped into the musical developments of the last decade or so, where it isn’t necessary anymore to have ready a multi-million dollar budget in order to make proper music. One can make a quality record in his bedroom now with enough creativity and know-how. Equipment and samples are the least of amateur producer’s worries anno 2015.

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at the various fixed and pop-up Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library will provide a unique resource for musicians all over the world at no cost. Creators are free to explore, download, experiment, and create using library samples and are empowered to utilise the resulting works in all the ways they see fit.

Now Rubber Tracks has three significant artists to add to the rich Sample Library. First up is Tom Trago, one of the Netherlands’ most prominent quality house  artists. His productions, Trouw residency and clever collaborations – latest of which is ‘De Natte Cel’ which he co-produced with Seth Troxler – have opened up the stage for him on a global level.

The legendary club Trouw is the place that connects him to the second artist that have contributed to the Sample Library: Beesmunt Soundsystem. Musical doublets David van der Leeuw and Luigi Vittorio Jansen are two talents from the city of Amsterdam who combined forces and got together in 2008. As a DJ and producer unit they began operating under the name Beesmunt Soundsystem and haven’t looked back since. Solid releases on Soweso, Pets Recordings and Just Jack have opened up new opportunities for the duo. You can listen to and download the sample pack here.

[vimeo id=”141560526″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

The track they made especially for their involvement with Converse Rubber Tracks, “Opium”, can be listened to here:

The third artist to accompany these artist to a rejuvenation of the RT sample collection is Das Ding, perhaps the most distinct artist of the three. One of the best kept secrets of the Netherlands, Rotterdam-based Das Ding has a knack for creating 80s style electronic spectacles with rhythm-work stretched pads and arpeggiated synths that instantly remind you of Kraftwerk, I-F or even Gary Numan. Download the modular wizard’s sample pack here.

[vimeo id=”141559960″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

October 16 | The Art of Sampling with Machinedrum and Midland | Free Entrance | Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, Amsterdam |