Beatport, the dominant digital music supplier in electronic music, today announced it is launching a country-specific version of its music service in The Netherlands, which is completely customised for the local interests of Dutch DJs, artists, and fans.

While Beatport is available in more than 220 countries across the globe, this is the first time both the product and content has focused on a specific one. This includes not only translating the entire site into Dutch, but also featuring locally relevant artists, music, news, and more across all Beatport properties, curated and operated by the Beatport team based in Amsterdam. The streaming service will be the first component to reflect this, followed by localised news next week, and by the store in the coming months.

“The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, is a massively influential market with a rich and diverse history in the world of electronic music,” said Beatport President & CEO Greg Consiglio. “Many of the most popular DJs, festivals, and labels are based here, and the fans here are some of the most dedicated in the world. So it was an easy decision for us to launch our first localized expansion of Beatport here.”

The Netherlands has the highest number of registered users on Beatport per capita than any other country in the world and also ranks in the top five per capita worldwide in both streaming activity and Beatport Store sales, so the choice to make a Dutch Beatport spin-off seems an obvious one.

“Localizing services to a specific market increases traffic, engagement, and trust,” said Joost Geurts, Managing Director of Beatport Netherlands. “Not only can local labels and artists now better reach their hometown fans, but labels and artists from other regions interested in reaching Dutch music fans now also have a platform to do so in a more direct and meaningful way.”

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On its future under the ailing SFX holding, Geurts would not comment, saying only that Beatport is a healthy company and can operate individually from the holding, and does not expect any negative influence on its operations from whatever direction the mother company is heading in.

More about the Dutch site launch and Beatport’s insights is available via the company blog here.