World may learn a few things from the Netherlands, when it comes to environmentalism. From choosing bikes as the main choice of transport to vinyl production. Thus here is where one producer in Harm, the south of Netherlands, came to the rescue with his environmentally friendly vinyl production process.

Little did we know how harmful to the environment were our vinyl collections… While the usual production process includes using PVC materials. Now these are pretty scary. Considering they are one of todays most commonly used plastics, as Greenpeace reports, their production involves some of the most hazardous synthetic toxic chemicals, including a host of additives to make it useable, such as lead or cadmium (spoiler: Don’t eat your vinyl, kids!).

Watch how this dutch vinyl producer is making entirely environmentally friendly vinyls:

Furthermore, we would like to highlight labels that adhere to the issue and produce their vinyl only based on environmentally friendly process. So that soon hopefully soon this becomes the industry standard, thus drop a comment on ones you know, whether on the article page or on our Facebook article post.

Source: Discogs