According to ING Economists, the Dutch dance music industry has steadily risen is profit by 50% a year since 2008 and is expected to hit a value upwards of €200m in 2015.

As each year some 170 dance events are held throughout the Netherlands, a total of 2.7 million fans are estimated to attend. From this, artists and event organisers generate turnover of some €260m a year, resulting in 1 in 14 creative industry jobs. Performances generate the largest revenue, taking 94% of the total amount.

4 in 10 of Dutch people over the age of 16 identify as dance music fans with 1 in 7 having visited a dance event with an audience of over 3,000 last year. Attendees spent an average of €140 per event, including entrance, food and drink and special clothing.

The worldwide dance industry has recently been valued at €6bn, of which 67% is derived from festivals and clubs.  To put the Dutch industry specificaly in perspective, in 2013 it was valued at some €120m.

Source: NLTimes