We all know that the daily run to the grocery store might not be the highlight of ones day, but can that be changed? Well, there are some excellent ideas out there, especially this one; turn the local supermarket into a disco. And that is exactly what’s going to happen in Amsterdam on the 6th of February at the first edition of Disco Boodschappen (roughly translated as Disco Shopping).

It’s those daily challenges that make life outside of the club so dull. The contrast between the weekdays and the weekend is hard to handle for us night dwellers. To ease the wait for the weekend and make daily chores a bit more exciting, a group of entrepreneurs is looking to shake things up. The idea is to take the elements of a party into the supermarket.

“A friend of mine posted a tweet with a picture of a note from a local supermarket, where a student is proposing an hour of disco shopping. I thought wow, we gotta do that” Joost Aartsen who is one of the people making it happen tells us.

Supermarket Disco

The infamous note that started it all

The plan is simple: turn a regular grocery store into a disco and make buying your food feel a bit like a weekend celebration. Take a soundsystem, decorations and DJs to the most mundane of places and turn it into something extraordinary, if even for an hour. Anywhere else in the world you would think that doing something like this would not be possible. But as we saw during last weeks home & beauty fair case, Dutch businesses seem to be open to trying something different.

“The supermarkets are really willing, so it will happen on the 6th of February!” Joost continues.

To know exactly the time and the place, keep an eye out over at the Facebook event. There is even a possibility to post the tunes you’d like to hear during disco shopping to the Disco Boodschappen’s Kollekt.fm page.

The first thing that popped into our minds when hearing the words party and supermarket combined was the classic Kid Kudi vs. Crookers video for Day ‘n’ Night. Let’s hope some of the mood on the video gets to a supermarket nearby soon!