After today’s US Election outcome, Dutch company TicketSwap, took it upon themselves to provide a marketplace where American’s can exchange their passports for European ones.

TicketSwap provides a peer-to-peer ticket exchange service and is running since 2012. It is Holland’s to go service after official ticket sales are being sold out, which recently launched it’s branch to UK, which provides a platform for people to sell their tickets to others on its platform and promote it on Facebook.

Of course the company’s press rep. Linde Hertogh to comments the idea was simply a joke in the aftermath of the elections: “We’ve seen a lot of things on FB and Twitter and that is when people here came up with this idea and we just went with it.”

However, despite the creative offering by the company, after a few hours of the service launch, no Europeans are yet considering to exchange their passports to the American ones, while there has been a dozen of requests from across the Atlantic.

Check out the PassportSwap here.

Meanwhile, as the Canadian Immigration website has been crashing this morning, we thought to suggest Ticketswap opening a branch in Canada.