With iPads becoming a pretty serious alternative to midi controllers and other digital DJing equipment, it was about time to fix the tablet with some knobs – as rubbing your fingers across a screen just doesn’t really do the trick when you’re trying to rock a nice mix. A Dutch engineering student, however, has come up with the solution to the problem: the tuna knob.

A kick-starter campaign by Dutchie Samuel Verburg had the goal to create actual knobs that stick to any touchscreen of your choosing in order to control your DJing app or any other music-making application like you would control a real piece of hardware.

How exactly does it work? Verburg explains on his website: “So Tuna Knobs stick to your touchscreen using a micro suction cup and translate a turning movement to a touch command. Simply stick them on your screen and you are ready to start twiddling away. Tuna Knobs use conductive rubber to translate turning a knobs into the right signal for your touchscreen, not dissimilar to how a stylus works.”

Here’s a video of the knobs in action.

So what do you reckon, would you buy one? Check out the different packages, pricing and other info here.