Since first setup in 2015, DVS1 continues to bring the concept of the wall of sound to European clubs and crowds a single time per year.

With each event, DVS1 presents a different speaker setup working alongside various sound companies with the aim to provide an unparalleled sonic experience. The concept is closely linked to the American artist’s past, as the massive sound systems of the 90s US-Midwest rave scene molded his vision of Techno as based on the physical power of music.

On the concept, DVS1 states:

“My first experiences with this music were on true walls of sound (60-100 speaker box set-ups). I was extremely lucky to have witnessed this type of system, as it forever changed how I thought about music. […] To have the opportunity to set this up and give this experience to the people in the crowd is very special for me, because it’s how I first experienced this music and what made me see everything so differently. Music became a physical energy instead of just something I listened to. DJs are now front and center and always on stages becoming the star of the show, but when you have the wall of sound idea executed correctly, the star of the show is the sound system. I truly wish DJ’s were put back out of sight or off to the sides and people could just dance to the sound systems again. So many places put barricades up between the people and the sound systems, but really people just need to be able to dance right up against the speakers!”

On 19 October, DVS1 and Reaktor Events brings The Wall of Sound to Warehouse Elementenstraat for a two room event featuring Helena Hauff, Karenn (live), Oscar Mulero, CEM, An-i, Gunnar Haslam, Lory D live, Tzusing, and Umwelt.


19 October | Reaktor ADE – DVS1 presents The Wall of Sound | Tickets | Warehouse Elementenstraat