Last week it was reported that Elastic Artsists, booking agency to the likes of Âme and Dixon, was holding back payments to its artists under terms they describe as ‘financial difficulties”.

In a statement reported by RA that states, “the company is currently experiencing financial difficulties which have meant we are unable to release monies to clients for shows that have already taken place.” It adds: “We are exploring options to restore the company’s liquidity and to transfer the ownership of the business to a new team.”

Though taking the necessary publicity steps, it seems that the company has started getting under the skin of many of its current artists, with Eglo Founder Alex Nut tweeting: “”Can your accounts department please reply to my emails and pay me the money I am owed.” And now comes word that another artist LEVELZ may have taken the issue a step further. Yesterday the group posted a video on their Youtube page (complete with mock EA Creative Director hostage) claiming:

so… a few days ago our manager and agent (who until very recently both worked a for a company called ELASTIC ARTISTS) informed us that the money from our most recent run of shows had gone walkabout. Us and hundreds of other artists’ fees for shows and in some cases whole tours has been stolen. IF OUR DEMANDS ARE NOT MET WITHIN 24 HOURS PHASE 2 OF OUR OPERATION WILL COMMENCE!SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

And now, Elastic Artists social media accounts have been hacked, with twitter and facebook feeds going crazy with angry retweets, demands from LEVELZ, messages of solidarity from the dance music community, and more. Below is a sampling…