Known for his previous creative endeavors as R-Tem and as part of Kooqla, Tyoma is the new incarnation of Artem Kharchenko, who also acts as general producer of Epizode Festival.

Preferring sets constructed from vinyl, each becomes a new musical journey of unlimited variety, easily mixing atmospheric Ambient and old school D’n’B, with his favorites of Techno and House. These sets have been heard at the likes of Barcelona’s Macarena, Berlin’s Ipse and Sysiphos, opening for Moderat in Moscow, or at Vietnam’s EPIZODE Festival, where he returns for a special live set 28 December, 2018 – 8 January, 2019.

Here, instrumental in ushering in a new era of Russian underground electronic music, Tyoma anticipates the new year’s EPIZODE Festival with this special mix edition.

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