Last week we had the opportunity to do a little interview with Karmon, the man behind the latest Diynamic release together with NTFO and Betoko. His EP ‘Turning Point’ that got released a couple weeks earlier on ‘Sintope Digital’ was where it all started for Karmon. It literally was the turning point in his career. The Diynamic crew picked up his fresh sounds and we were curious how that all became reality.

Listen to mix #016 by Karmon.

‘It’s not just a band or an artist that gives me the inspiration but a combination of all kinds of different elements’ 

From the top. What was your first experience with music and when did you decide to really go for it all?

It started all when I first picked up the guitar when I was little, can’t remember the age but I wasn’t able to lift the guitar myself. I was pulling some strings on the fret board, trying some things out. A few years later at around the age of 14 my brother came after buying some vinyl. Not long after that also 2 turntables and a mixer. I was finding that very interesting and I also wanted to try that out. That was the first time I ever mixed a record.

I decided to go for it a long time ago. I knew music was my thing. It’s just hard to earn enough money with it and make it your main occupation since there is so much great music on the market.

You don’t seem 100% Dutch, what are your roots?

No I am half Moluccan, a bit Polish and Dutch.

Do you think this also helped in some way to make music?

Yes for sure. In the Moluccan side of the family almost everybody can play an instrument or can sing. They are all very musical people with a good feel of rhythm. I have also learned allot of things from my family members. 

If we listen to your tracks we hear a fresh sound with edgy bass lines and funky synths inspired by the indie/nu disco sound. Who inspires you when you are making music?

I am a music lover and have listened to a lot of music, varying from jazz to hard rock. There are a lot of parts/riffs/chords or just certain kind of sounds that I will keep in my head forever, so it’s not just a band or an artist that give me the inspiration but a combination of all kinds of different elements that I have gotten to know trough the years. The music that I make now has also to do with the way I feel and it’s coming out as soon as I hit the studio and start making music. So you can say life is a good inspiration.

What do you enjoy the most? Producing or DJ’ing?

Producing is something I really like to do. I can put all my feelings into a track. When I finish a track I can keep listening to it over and over again. You get this satisfaction and smile on your face, if it’s a good track haha. Playing the track in front of the crowd and seeing all those people dancing and enjoying your music that is also very enjoyable. So I can’t make a choice here.

Do you have any rituals or special places that you need to be when you produce to be focused?

When I am alone and nobody is around me the best music will be produced. I can really put my feeling into the music and let myself go.

How did you end up making “Nobody Else” with NTFO? 

I know Robert and Danny for a couple of years now and they are really cool guys. The idea of making a track together was there but never happened until now. It was a bit hard since we are both working with different software but it worked out well. Robert send me a 2 minute theme that they have created. It was really strong but it didn’t had enough power yet so I was like; “Yeah I am really feeling this, send it over and I’ll try something with it”. I think like no more then 4 hours the track “Nobody Else” was born. 

And how did you end up releasing at Diynamic Music ?

NTFO already released a track on Diynamic and had some contacts there. We send over the “Nobody Else” track and a few weeks later we saw a youtube movie of Solomun playing the track. Also the same happened with “Wowshit”. Not long after that we got an email that they wanted to release the tracks on Diynamic.

At which festivals and party’s can we find you and which one are you really looking forward to?

This month I will be performing at EGO in Hamburg, Straf_werk in Scheveningen and the one I am looking forward to, because I will be meeting Robert, Danny and a lot of other cool people there, is JEMF Festival in Jimbolia, Romania.

You have had an EP release on Sintope and now 2 tracks on a Diynamic EP, What are some of the other labels you would like to release on in the future?

I don’t have any labels in mind. I will just wait and see what’s going to happen in the future. 

Do you have any other releases planned already in the near future?

I have finished a lot of tracks lately to create some EP’s to release later this year. No release dates yet.

Besides producing and playing at parties you also really enjoy playing tennis. What does Tennis mean in your daily life?

Yes. Tennis is something I grew up with. My parents were into tennis when I was young so when they played competition I was always playing around the tennis court with the children from the other team members.

When you are getting older and better it is more fun to play the game. You learn what the game is about and the different aspects of it. The mental game is an important aspect; this is the one where I kind of fail. I can get very angry on the court when making stupid mistakes or being lazy and from then it will only get worse haha, but hey that’s the game, nevertheless I am still enjoying tennis.

Any shout outs to other artists?

Yes to PONY (Kevin & Glenn). First heard them play in January this year, right after I visited Brian Sanhaji’s live set. I was really feeling the slow deep music they were playing. that I decided to give it a try myself in the studio and not short after that “Karmon” was born. It was the turning point for me.

And to Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul. They are also from the south of the Netherlands and their music is really good. You should check them out.