In 2009, two British DJ/producers with an impressive set of credentials set up One Records. Their project was inspired by the underground parties they went to when they were youths. The productions that are released on OR try to encapsulate the roughness and energy that one feels on those underground parties. The two honchos Adam Shelton and Subb-an have made great strides with their label since then, introducing great new artists and sounds to the scene, as well as showcasing their sonic philosophy all over the world. During ADE we had a chat with the Brits, to find out who’s up-and-coming in their view, who’s the better dancer and what tracks defined electronic music for them.

“To all aspiring producers: Give yourself time, the scene is not going to vanish in two weeks, it’s all about building things for yourself and finding a place you feel happy with”

A: Adam
S: Subb-an

How did the two of you meet, and started working on One Records?
A: We met though my below party in Birmingham about six years ago, I was doing a warehouse party and ash came down to check to it out. We got talking and he passed some of his new music on to me. I loved it and that’s how we got to know each other from there, Soon after ash became a resident for below.

One records started from ash and I wanting to move on to the next level with our journey in music, both of us having a strong residency now the next step was to start our label and focus on creating a good crew to roll with and also a strong platform for us to release our music.

S: Exactly how Adam has explained. The rest was a very organic process

At the moment, who are the most promising producers out there, in your opinion?
A: For me I am really excited for John Dimas, Jack Wickham, Samu.l & Yamen & EDA, all guys with a great vibe, solid productions and all great DJs.

S: John Dimas always delivers. I’m also really enjoying Dense & Pika

Visionquest X One Records’s Superpleasures, where you’ll both be playing, is promising to be one of the hottest parties during ADE. What other parties are you planning to go to in Amsterdam that week? And which DJ’s are you dying to see?
A: This is the only gig I am doing for ADE, which is nice as I get to hang out and check out what other people are doing. I am really looking forward to seeing Mathew Jonson & Minilogue’s three-hour live set, this sounds very interesting. Also Levon Vincent as I am a big fan of his, and Prosumer as I like to hear his always excellent selections.

S: I’m just on my way back from South America and unfortunately don’t arrive into Amsterdam till Friday. I would have loved to see Tom Trago, maybe I can catch him on the Boiler Room.

adam 3

Which one of you has a better chance of competing against Seth Troxler, who has won the cook off three times in a row?
A: I eat out a lot and am a big fan of food, however ash is a better cook than me but I still would not fancy his chances against Seth.

S:  Safe to say I don’t think I have ever seen Adam ever cook anything so maybe I would have a better chance, but I doubt I could beat Seth.

Did you guys ever have conflicting creative opinions in the studio? How do you usually resolve these issues?
S: Not really no, I always enjoy being in the studio with Adam, always a good laugh and were always happy with what comes out at the end. We’ve been working on some new projects recently that we need to finish off

Instead of asking what kind of advice you would give to aspiring DJ’s/producers on what they should do, what are things that you would strongly advise them against? (What are the common mistakes and misconceptions that they should be aware of?)
A: give yourself time, the scene is not going to vanish in two weeks, it’s all about building things for yourself, understanding the world around you and finding a place you feel happy with, don’t put pressure on other people because you want to do things fast, like sending music every day and pestering labels. It’s not cool and it puts people off you no matter how good the music is.

S: I have to agree with Adam 100% on this. There’s no rush and it takes a long time, whether your collecting records or producing them, it doesn’t happen over night.


Could you name three records that have defined your love for electronic music?
A: Shalor “I’m in love” / Paul Johnson “Hear the music” / Ron Trent “Sometimes I feel like”

S: Aleem “Release Yourself” / Alice Smith “Love Endeavor” (Maurice Faulton Remix) / Matthew Jonson “Typerope”

What’s your label One Records’ mission statement?
A: To stay forward thinking and ever evolve whilst staying true to our feelings

What has One Records got lined up for us in 2014?
A: we will be doing some really cool label parties featuring the artists that have released on the label over the last year and some very special guests to top the line ups off with. Release wise we have just had a great remix by point G / DJ Gregory of Subb-an & Tuccillo’s day motion track. We also have a Samu.l release coming with a Martin Buttrich remix and an Andrade release so lots of cool bits.

Who’s the better dancer?
A: Adam is 100%, I have been to more parties and danced more. End of!

S: Me of course!

adam shelton

As a whole, what places do you think are going to be the new electronic music hotspots in a couple of years?
A: Beirut has a good scene coming through for sure, I played at a great venue called The Garten, amazing space and a very excitable crowd.

S: Yeah Beruit was cool. I really like the way things are in Brazil. Buenos Aires in Argentina had a solid vibe when I played. I would like to see what happens in India over the next 10 years

What’s your favourite food after a long and tiring gig?
A: A super green smoothie and pesto eggs. Where possible.

S: Indian Curry, this is my favourite food and I could eat it every day, make it extra spicy please!! Now I’m hungry!!!

What’s the most decadent item you have ever put on your riders?
S: Nothing, just the usual, unless you really need something just state the basics! TEQUILA

A: Nothing special from me sorry.


What DJ’s would you invite to perform at your wedding parties?
S: Craig Richards

A: Matthew Styles to play a disco set & Dimitri from Paris

What has your most embarrassing moment been during a gig?
A: When I had to throw a promoter out of the booth as every time I had my back turned he was trying to mix and play with the mixer and he would not stop, it was awful!

S: Haha! In Lima I remember this girl dancing whilst I was playing, anyway she was dancing in front of the turntable, the tune kicks in and she went for it but her foot slipped down the stage and the poor girl head butted the 1210 making the record skip all over. I felt super bad as it looked nuts, but she got straight up and was ok, I guess she was a little embarrassed.

What’s the one thing you guys want to do before you die?
A: Go to space. I think it is looking good too.

S: Yeah, space is the one…

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