Adana Twins need little introduction. These two Hamburg-born house lovers are one of the building blocks of the Exploited imprint, have had numerous smash hits like Strange and Everyday and now play in sold out venues across the globe, week after week. So let’s just jump right in, because we had a quickie with Friso and Take It Easy (which is actually his real name), talking about their 2014 plans, stripping behind the decks and Amsterdam Dance Event. 

Take us with you on a perfect night out in Hamburg. Where do we start, what clubs do we go to, where’s the afterparty?
For a perfect night we’d get the ball rolling with some excellent Turkish food at our favourite feeding ground “Peacetanbul,” from there we’d meet some friends at the Thier- and Hoch3 Bar in Schanze for some drinks. Then we would move to another bar/club called Golem, which is just around the corner from the Elbe River. Here you can find some great live music going on and downstairs is a cozy little club. Next up we head to the Pooca Bar where we played only 2 years ago every second weekend for 8 hours a night. This place was the bootcamp for us and our house DJ skillz.

Right after the Pooca we walk through the backyards of the Hamburger Berg to the 3 Zimmer Wohnung were Friso worked when he moved here. A few “Vodka 43s” later it’s time for some club music and so we head over to Solomuns Club “EGO”, where we have our residency.

If the mood was right, we’d walk over to the legendary “Golden Pudel Club,” next to the harbor or we visit our good old friend Davide at the Baalsaal which was our old residence and the place where JEUDI was born. And to finish the night off we’d watch the sunrise or we go to Erikas Eck to eat a big German “Bauernfrühstück”.

How do you prepare for a gig? Is there a ritual you guys have? A cozy hug, an exotic dance maybe?
We don’t prepare and share nothing special besides a long French kiss.  We always like to be in the club some time before our set, to listen to the resident DJ and get a feel of the vibe.

What creative means have you taught yourself to kill time at airports in between flights?
We always like to hunt pigeons on airports – good times!

Adana Twins 1

You both have a reputation of being party animals. Can you both tell an embarrassing party anecdote about the other one?
Friso: One of my favorites was at a Keinemusik night here at the Baalsaal in Hamburg, Take it Easy was drunk to the point that he strip teased at the end. Rampa, Adam Port & me have pictorial evidence of the whole thing.

Take it Easy: Friso’s Jeagermeister Battle against Housemeister at the Neidklub. Friso lost in all sets…

What have you guys got in store for us in 2014?
We are still working on new stuff for Exploited and maybe 2014 is the time for some bigger action – we will see.

Can you give us a hint of the musical treats and surprises (new tracks, edits etc.) you’re going to serve us on the Exploited showcase during ADE?
For sure, we have some new material from us and others. One highlight at the moment is “The Morning Slap” from our close friend Nils Nürnberg and a new track from Patrick Bodhi called “Babylon System” which will be released soon on JEUDI Records. And maybe we’ll play our new EP for Exploited, which we’re in the process of working on right now. But let’s wait for the vocals. Fingers crossed they arrive in time for us to  the next days that we can put them inside.

Adana Twins 2

Which artists/what events are you going to check out during ADE?
A lot! For sure u will find us at the Parties where we play (ADE Deep House Special, the Exploited Showcase and the JEUDI Party at the LOVELAND Loft). Besides this one we definitely want to go to the Rush Hour + Clone Party, the Diynamic Party, the Pete Tong Party, The Warung Showcase, Jamie Jones’ Paradise party and maybe when we have enough time we want to see the Wolf+Lamb guys playing.

Of all the music out there, what piece of work do you wish you had created?
Daft Punk – Homework Album. . . Maybe?

And when you are not out playing or partying, what else are you going to do in Amsterdam?
We have a nice little apartment around the “9 Straatjes” so I think we’ll definitively be eating a lot of good food (We both love cheese!), a quick stop at Rush Hour Records. Shopping at the Patta Store and of course visiting some Coffeeshops. We really like the flair of the city, just hanging around and meeting friends would be our main pastime!

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