We saw you at Straf_Werk during Amsterdam Dance Event. How was it for you?
It was literally big. Huge in fact. The energy level of thousands of people who enjoy you playing music to them makes your blood boil over. Some other DJs might tell you that it was ‘cool’, but I can not subscribe to that. They must be ‘most dead’. To me, playing on a party like Pleinvrees put on at Straf_Werk during Amsterdam Dance Event makes me feel alive. To touch the people thru my sound and celebrate with them, this is clearly the opposite of cool.

ADE is a crazy week for everybody. What was your craziest experience during ADE?
I performed a one handed handstand (in the green room before I played Staf_Werk).

We know that you have been working on a debut album. Can you reveal a little bit more about it? What is the idea/concept behind the album? 
I am known as a very secretive being and I don’t want to ruin my reputation.

Together with working on the album, you are touring all around the world. Must be hard to keep a healthy balance. How do you do it?
I am staying healthy in mind, body and soul.

Is there perhaps more than one Claptone – that would explain the mask and the almost inhuman touring schedule?
Claptone is busy spreading the love vibration as far and as wide as the ocean trying to be in everyplace at once. It takes all my energy but you give it back to me ten times over when we dance together in harmony.

How do you feel about the ‘campaign’ of DJs, clubs and clubbers, telling people to focus less on their mobile phones & taking pictures at parties?
Certain tribes believe the camera captures the soul but this is not true. The soul is captured by experiencing the moment without the need for modern inventions. In the twilight hour between night and day we come together to celebrate life and that can’t be stored. Throw yourself into that special time and cherish it as it won’t last forever. That’s why I need to repeat it as often as I can to feel truly alive. No cameras necessary.

Do you feel that you reveal yourself in your music. Is it completely you or do you try to keep some of the mystery in there too?
It is me completely – the most mysterious man in the DJ industry.

Do you always pick an opening and a closing track before a gig?
No. I do have ideas before I see the crowd and the venue, but once I experience the here and now of a gig that has a strong influence on my set from the beginning to end.

How do you feel about playing b2b with someone? Who would be your first choice to share a set with?
There can’t be any back 2 back with Claptone.

A new year always marks the end of something and a new beginning. What are you going to drop and what is going to have a fresh start with 2015?
That moment when we’re all singing together feels like NYE every time, but the end of the year does usher in a new wave of excitement for what the future brings and for me it’s no exception. 2015 will see Claptone deliver an album of new music that has been forged from the love I’ve felt in 2014. A powerful and emotive collection of works. It heralds a transcendence that I can’t wait to share.

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