A deep, sexy mixture of house and techno, that’s maybe the best way to describe the music of Dana Ruh. Born in Gera, Germany, but soon found her way to Berlin to let her artistic heart beat faster. She started out her DJ career in 2005, started her own label, Brouqade, in 2007 and released her productions and remixes on labels like Einmaleins, Perspectiv, Mina Records and the American Clink imprint. She will be playing at the Aras & Discotronic Night during ADE, where she will showcase her new label Aras along with her friend Andre Galluzzi. We thought it was about time for an interview with this talented lady and had a chat about playing in Ibiza, ADE, producing for Cocoon and more.

“I don’t feel any pressure, because I do the music for the music! It’s really easy – I just produce”

So…how’s the summer been? Many highlights?

Summer has been great! It’s been really nice and warm. Of course their are some great highlights from the summer. Just a few are Cocoon Heroes in Barcelona for Sonar, The Zoo Project in Ibiza, Cocoon Heroes at Sonne Mond Sterne, and of course the Broquade nights at Club der Visionäre here in Berlin.

You’ve been playing a lot at The Zoo project this summer. What was that experience like?

Well Zoo Project were some of my very first bookings in Ibiza. The thing is that the Zoo Project crew is more like a family than a crew. They really believe in every artist’s music that they work with.

How important has Ibiza become to you this year? Is it somewhere you realize the importance of before you went over there?

Well Ibiza is important to me this year because I get to play again for my Zoo Project family which is always fun! The concept and venue for the party are just amazing. It’s like a giant playground! It’s also very nice to enjoy some sun in Ibiza!

Do you see it as an important shop window in a way?

Well a lot of people see it as a way to window shop. However for me it’s just really nice to play. I don’t like to think in those terms because first and foremost I am here for the music!

dha-strook 2

I guess you must have been delighted to be involved with Cocoon 100 alongside Andre Galluzzi too. How did that one come about?

Well, Andre and I have been producing music together now for quite a while. When the request came from Cocoon to see if we had something to send, we just went through our productions and then sent something over. We were very excited and happy when we got the reply back saying that it would fit and will be a vinyl release as well!

Was it always your plan to produce something completely different for the compilation?

Every time that Andre and i produce a track it’s more like a jam session. We go in the studio and just start putting our ideas out their. The music ends up coming together and our jam session begins to tell a story. That story becomes the finished track. Nothing is ever planned out.

Is there a certain pressure you feel when producing for labels such as Cocoon and Ostgut Ton etc?

I don’t feel any pressure because I do the music for the music! It is really easy – I just produce. Maybe I’ll send it out to the label and if it fits then it fits. I don’t sit down anymore worrying that this must be for this and that label. When you do that it just blocks the creative process. The best things come out when there is freedom! Of course I did have these thoughts in my head in the past but I learned my lesson.

You run Aras alongside Andre Galluzzi, and Brouqade, alongside Anthea. How do your roles at the label differ?

For Brouqade we did some successful releases but more as just a side project in the beginning. In 2012 I wanted to give it priority and a tight schedule. We needed help so I asked Anthea if she wanted to join us and do A&R together with me. I’m also in charge of the label management while Ann the other lady of Brouqade is responsible for sales and promotions. For ARAS Andre is responsible for A&R and I am more the producer / technical part for now.

ADE’s coming up soon. What are your plans for it? Have you been there before? Did you enjoy it?

Every time it comes to ADE or even Sonar it feels like a class trip. I really love that I can meet there with my friends and we are all there for the same reason, the music! I have been before and I have many fond memories. I can’t wait to be back in Amsterdam playing music. Yes playing music that is my plan!

dana ruh strook

Will you be checking out any other parties/DJs when you’re in Amsterdam?

Sure, I definitely want to go around visiting my friends to support their parties and listen to lots of sets.

Production wise, what’s keeping you busy at the moment? Do we have a Dana Ruh album to look forward to?

I am very busy in the studio. Doing a lot of remixes at the moment. One I did for Brouqade, one for surface records, one for Marco Faraone, and one for Jus Ed! Of course my own productions and the productions with Andre are constantly in the works! Just loads of music but it’s okay because I love to work on music!

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