We’re very proud to have Eric Volta behind the decks during our third instalment of SUB/FIX this Friday. So before he makes his way to Amsterdam we thought it was a good idea to have a bit of banter with the underground renegade. Since his releases on Visionquest and No.19, the Berlin-based virtuoso’s career is taking off. It’s about bloody time. Why? Because this guy deserves to make his sound heard across the globe. That sound isn’t house, it isn’t techno either, it doesn’t even float somewhere in between. It’s unlike anything you have ever heard, quite frankly, and will be as relevant to the music scene in twenty years time as it is today. Sorry for the superlatives, but when you have heard his latests like ‘Love Your Illusion’ and ‘Words and Chance’, or maybe some earlier work like his remixes of ‘Set Me Free’ or ‘Well Well’, then you will probably agree. So let’s jump right in:

“Hmmm. I like my thought process. That’s my best bit of gear”

How did you get involved in electronic music?
Well electronic music.. When I was into making music with my computer after experimenting with four track tape records, I realised I wanted to do more. Credit goes to Wulf, who told me about Fruityloops. Love you mate! Then a group in Singapore called Insomnia gave me my first chances to play out, Thank you Don & Angie!

Did you ever want to become anything else than a musician?
Sure, and I am more than a musician today! I wanted be a comic book artist – and today I am writing my first comic book. It’s taking sometime because I don’t dedicate much time to it. But when it’s done I hope to publish it and then I would like to turn it into a film. I would also love to score films or games. If anyone out there wants to collab with me on things like this – come find me.

What development in electronic music should never have happened in your view?
Honestly, who is to say what should or should never have happened? I would definitely have to say we shouldn’t be celebrating talentless people who buy their way in.

Every DJ has one record that’s always in his bag, but rarely get’s played, what’s yours?
Aaarm, that new promo everyone is banging on about…what’s it called???

studio eric volta

If you could leave the world only one of the records you produced up to now, which one would that be, and why?
I’ve produced it. But I haven’t released it. It’s a bit personal. But it helped me get through a period of my life. I feel it would do the same for others, but it’s still personal…

If you were organising a party and you could invite any artist to play, what would the line-up be?
Andrew Weatherall, Dj Harvey, Trevor Jackson , Daphni, Idle Rich & Bee Shiver

What’s your favourite piece of gear in the studio?
Hmmm. I like my thought process. That’s my best bit of gear.

Most people tend to have certain rituals before going on stage, what are yours if you have them?
Coming from the world of bands, you know you can’t rush these things. Arrive early, setup, take your time. Remain calm. Try to absorb the energy in the room. Put myself in the mind set of channelling it through the music.

Do you feel that things are really starting to take off now, since your consecutive releases Words & Chance and Love Your Illusion?
Well I have definitely had much nicer bookings since the Visionquest release and the support coming in now from Love Your Illusion as been so sweet. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.

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What is the strangest request you ever got from someone in the audience?
This I have little patience for. From what world do you come from where everyone has to entertain your silly request? I have many strange requests and I have learned to ignore idiots at the booth now. If I find you very irritating I’ll pull out my phone and I have a premade txt that tells people I find them annoying and to go away. But the best was someone telling me to play Rihanna (I honestly don’t know her music and wouldn’t play it anyway). She said on a txt message on her phone. I took her phone and wrote back: “Happy Birthday! But next time check the line up before you go out! X”.

Could you name some of your favourite places in Berlin? (not necessarily clubs)
My studio, CDV, Miss Saigon, Colours, Garage, Meins&Deins and Stiefelkombinat.

Where in the world would you never accept a booking and why?
I’m not sure about this. There are few places in the world I wouldn’t dare to tread if I haven’t been already. But let’s say realistically places like the Congo where there is definitely no demand and child soldiering happening. If I disagree with the political situation somewhere and they persist, I’m likely to just ask for a big chunk of money, and I’ll give it to whoever is going to fight the hardest against your political situation.

What can we expect from Eric Volta in 2014?
More releases with my favourite labels I am working with. I’m trying to put together a live band too and there is a possible label? Ideas up the air for now.

When you’re in Amsterdam this Friday, what is something you’re definitely going to do besides playing?
Committing every sin from A to Z at least twice.


Join him in his sins this Friday @ BEATCLUB. It’s going to be majestic. And two more days of waiting kind of feels like torture..

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