Emotions and state of mind are essentials for producing music. Do you have any “rituals” so to say in order to put yourself in the right place for that? And what is the right (emotional, state of mind) place in fact?
Arne: Not really. I just need the eagerness to do something. If I don’t do something for a couple of weeks I feel that something is missing. Creating something, anything just feels good because you do. I think you can’t choose or provoke that moment when something good happens. Even if one puts the incense sticks in the corner, a flower in the other, waiting for the sun to come out.. doesn’t really help.

Wayan: Some people have very strict rules how to make music but that doesn’t applies to us. I just read an interview from a colleague that said that he needs to be in perfect health, perfect mood, have a healthy breakfast, a workout and then goes in the studio. This is always a good idea, but sometimes when you are messed up and hungover you are just in the right state of mind too to create something in the studio.

Between your first and second album there was a big time gap. Why was that? Is there going to be a third one?

Wayan: Well, it takes time to make an album.
Arne: There will be a third one when the time is right.. In our defense i must say that we were not entirely lazy, between the albums we did release a couple of EPs and Remixes.

Are you performing separately, or since there is Extrawelt your focus has been entirely on growing together?
Arne: With our set up it’s kind of impossible to play alone. If we’d split there would be something important missing.

What do you love and hate the most about vinyl?
Wayan: Vinyl is the best way to consume music. I recently sat with my 17 year old nephew. He didn’t even have it on his lap top anymore because you have it all virtually. So he was not able to listen to one track from beginning to end. It was always like “Yeah I got another one in my head lets hear that one now”. Before Youtube and Soundcloud etc one had to listen to it on records and tapes, and if you didn’t like a track on cassette you needed to fastforward, which wasn’t that fast at all. If you wanted to copy it was in real time and you had to listen while copying. Everybody is able to hear music, you have a radio in the car, you can play it while cooking or on your headphones while going somewhere but to really listen to a song is completely different. If you have a vinyl it’s a whole procedure, you get it out of the sleeve, you put it on the player, then you carefully put the needle and then you listen to the track. It just gives you the perfect mindset and full experience of music.

Soopertrack is the first track that you ever produced but it never gets old. It stays with you. One of the greatest beginnings one could hear.
Wayan: Thanks. It’s not the first track we ever produced but it’s the first as Extrawelt and still special to us too.

In April you are going to share a stage on DGTL festival with Ten walls, weval, Barnt, Patrice Baumel… etc. Who are you looking forward to share the Analog stage with the most?
Arne: I just saw the line up and it’s great, one can go anywhere at any time and find something special.

We are about to witness the magic of Extrawelt one more time. What is the vibe tonight?
Arne: Really good, seems like many nice people came. We haven’t been on the dance floor yet and still have to choose what to play.

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