He is renowned as one of the leading innovators, functions as one of the indispensable pillars of the Diynamic family and has enough interesting solo projects planned that some people would need two lifetime’s for to achieve. We are talking about Holger Behn, aka H.O.S.H. Who is first and foremost a DJ, sequencing shaman-like musical journeys for his worldwide audience. His second raison d’être is producing music of the future, never letting musical categorisations or the status-quo be an impediment for his creativity. We had a little chit chat with the German all-star, and discussed matters like his successful new ‘Forever Young’ adventure, how to stay fresh and why there are dots in his name.

“I try to stay young mindwise by staying spontaneous and not trying to think things through till they are dead”

Q: Why are there dots in your name?
A: because it makes people think of why there are dots. also it looks good and pops to your eyes.

Q: You once said “I don’t want to just play some music, I want to teach people something during my sets”. What is it that you would like to teach your audience musically speaking?
A: In the right context i was just explaining that its important for me as a DJ to do more then actually play some new records. I like to create a journey of tracks and surprise with tracks they would not expect.

Q: You had a residency at the Watergate in Berlin and have shown a lot of affection towards it. You even went as far as saying it’s your favourite club to perform at. What is it that sets it apart from the other great clubs in your opinion?
A: Yes I probably said clubwise this makes the perfect location. This is because of a great room, soundsystem, lightsystem and most important of all the great team behind it, which treats you like family and always works professional. This makes it one of the best clubs in the world for me.

Q: You try to capture a lot of original sounds that you can use in new productions. I was particularly intrigued by an anecdote where you state that you beat the shit out of a kitchen bowl, together with Stimming, and recorded the result. What have your latest sample acquisitions been?
A: The kitchen bowl track is called Super Sick Bowl and Stimming played the Bowl. This was a mad session! Lately I like to sample all sorts of stuff and run it through an old guitar amp and rerecord this. Today for example I actually forgot it was still turned on. When I raised the volume of my speakers I got this awkwrd dealy of my mouse click on the table which I recorded then.

[youtube id=”rxt0yxtHvds” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Q: Your new EP Series is called Forever Young, which is about living your childhood dreams. How do you stay young?
A: I try to stay young mindwise by staying spontaneous and not trying to think things through till they are dead, which older people tend to do.

Q: Also you collaborated with some other artists on these series, like Wayan, from Extrawelt and colleague Stimming. What do they mean to you? Are they now part of your childhood dreams?
A: The project is not about my dreams per se. It’s related to those dreams we all had when we were young. But you could say they are part of my dream as this project is like a dream also.

Q: The latest Forever Young part featured two originals by yourself, called Dancer and Disc Jockey. Who will you be collaborating with on the coming forever young series?
A: On the last one its gonna be a collab with Andhim and the dream is ‘the Captain’. Wicked shit!

H.O.S.H. strook DHA

Q: Which member of the Diynamic family usually has the biggest hangovers and is this also the same person that stays the longest at after parties?
A: It used to be Stimming but now this role is passed throughout the team. Since we are all quite busy touring this doesn´t happen that much anymore.

Q: What has your greatest rock ‘n roll moment been in your career so far? (It could be a thing that happened during a gig or maybe you have an anecdote on something that happened during an after party?)
A: I’ve never been a Rock´n Roller but I climbed the DJ booth once on an after party at Warung and actually fell of the booth haha! I used to be the starter for a band of friends in Highshool. Maybe this was kind of a flashback.

Q: Do your parents listen to electronic music? If you would want to give them an introduction to the scene, which tracks would you let them hear?
A: My mom loves everything i do that contains vocals or harmonies. So this introduction has been made already.

Q: When was the last time you cried because of music?
A: Hard one. Combined with a movie this would be easier. I really forgot, damn!

Q: Too bad. Who is your dream DJ to do a B2B set with?
A: Solomun… I think you can call us a perfect match behind the booth.

dha-strook H.O.S.H. solomun

Q: Where’s H.O.S.H. in ten years?
A: Still on earth. Maybe spain. Playing a selected set here and there but mostly enjoying some other stuff in my life. for sure being still selfemployed and living some sort of dream.

Q: What’s the latest piece of production gear you have bought?
A: the latest was an Akai mpk 25 and a UAD quad satellite for my mobile Ibiza setup. For the studio it was a foot P3S mastering compressor.

Q: One could say that you have a very specific style, but one that doesn’t get boring and is never the same for a long time. How do you keep re-inventing yourself after an already extensive career?
A: I get bored fast! Change is constant in my life and important. That’s the good thing about electronic music and thats why I still do electronic music. It always changes.

Q: What’s your favourite pickup line?
A: This would be situation related. I think I have a good sense of humor and can be charming when I want to. A simple hello works wonders if you ask me.

Q: What’s the best pick-up line a woman/fan has used with you?
A: There hasn´t been one that convinced me so far to be honest. I have always been more the guy who looks out for a big love and not a pick up. That’s just how I am.

You van catch H.O.S.H. playing at ADE during the Diynamic Showcase @ Amsterdam Studio’s on October 17th. He will be rocking alongside the other members of the family like Solomun, David August and Uner.

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