Interview: Steve Rickson
Write up: Axel Röhr

Luca Cazal, where to even start… With a track record as absurdly high quality as Luca’s, it’s very hard to pick what to highlight. He’s a member of Hot Natured, Infinity Ink and Luca C & Brigante. Having released on Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations and running his own label Double Drop with Brigante, this Italian DJ/producer has caused quite the stir throughout his career.

We had the pleasure of talking with Luca about his career thus far and about things that we should be looking out for in the future. Luca has played venues such as Panorama Bar and DC10 as well as some of the biggest festivals around. However, lately he has been spending more time in his studio in London. His studio time means that there is plenty for us to be waiting for from Luca Cazal during the spring. First fruit of the season is his Maya EP, which will be out on the 26th of January. But what else is coming? How’s his studio setup? Most memorable moments DJing? Read further to find out.

What was your first introduction to electronic and dance music? When did you realise it was a track you were interested in pursuing?

My first introduction to electronic music was around ’94/95 when I started to go to illegal raves in Milan. Shortly after I started going to clubs which at the time used to play what Italians called ‘underground’ which in fact was a mix of US produced early tribal house and Italian produced house music by labels such as UMM and Irma.

I decided to pursue it as a producer around 2009/2010 just after my band Cazals split. By that point I had already been buying records for a few years but was more interested in having a keyboardist/guitarist career playing in bands.

As a Hot Creations artist, what does being on the label mean to your career? Describe the general feelings toward Hot Creations amongst your peers?

Hot Creations released ‘Games’ which was the first Infinity Ink record ever made. The track did pretty well and was played by people like Lee Foss, Maceo Plex and Tale of Us, after ‘Different Morals’ which came out a few months before, that was the track that put me on the map as a producer so I’ll always be grateful to Hot Creations for that opportunity and many others that came after that.

Hot Creations, before being a label, is a close group of friends that shared a common musical vision kickstarted by Jamie and Lee (in the public eye), but that really was the product of many years that all the people involved spent partying together between London and Ibiza and sharing similar music related experiences. I arrived to the label when that vibe was just started and to me what they were doing was the freshest and most similar musical concept to the one I had. Although I came from a different background to these guys. I still felt that my vision was somehow similar to theirs so it made sense to join forces with the group. Soon after I started working with the label I began to learn a lot from all of them about DJing and producing and that was obviously crucial to the development of my career.

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