The pride of Ireland’s underground techno scene Gavin Lynch, better known to worldwide audiences as Matador, has been on quite a roll over the past handful of years. With his distinct driving techno sound, rooted in technicality, yet remaining ever faithful to the (darker-the-better) dance floor, Matador has carved himself a prominent role within the relentless and renowned M_NUS crew, bringing respect and admiration from peers and audiences alike.

Since 2006, the Dublin native, and former sound engineer has managed to carve out a distinct sound, taking him from behind the studio mixing boards to behind the controls of some of the world’s biggest festivals and nightclubs. Over the past three years, Matador has placed in Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Live Acts, has released music on such labels as Cocoon, Trapez, PercTrax, Recluse and the aforementioned M_NUS (included his much lauded 5 track Spooks EP), remixed the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, and Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann, as well as being voted Ibiza’s Best Live Act 2014 at the White Isle’s annual DJ Awards (due, in no small part, to the Thursday Space Ibiza institution that is ENTER). As 2014 draws to a close, the year has seen a renewed focus on studio work with a new EP already released on December 6th and another on the way in the Spring (rumor has it, there is also a full length artist album coming in 2015). His love for performing was also indulged, completing a new performance spectacle surely set to delight existing fans, and make plenty of new ones along the way.

On January 1, 2015 Matador returns to Amsterdam as part of a very special ALL LIVE Loveland lineup celebrating the Amsterdam dance institution’s 20th anniversary. Playing alongside the likes of Aril Brikha, Matthew Jonson, Gregor Thresher, Martin Buttrich and more, the distinct Matador sound will be on full display at Mediahaven. If you remember Gavin’s Loveland set from September you know exactly what you’re in for; in his own words, “Deep, Dark, Chuggy, Warped, Trippy, Driving…”

Anticipating the massive New Years Day soiree, we were lucky enough to spend a few minutes with the man himself in the midst of a globe-trotting touring and production schedule. In this comprehensive interview, Matador discusses everything from the ENTER Ibiza experience, clubbing in Dublin, the inspirations behind his much-anticipated new EP, as well as some favorite Amsterdam memories and much, much more. So sit back, grab some quality headphones, pump those beats and let Matador guide you into 2015!

PS: To get you in the mood for New Year’s, we’ve included Matador’s all-live July 5th Essential Mix for you to enjoy.

What was the experience like playing Amsterdam’s Loveland Festival last September? Anything special planned for the special all LIVE bill at Loveland on Jan 1?
Holland is always an amazing crowd, and when you match that with a super tight production/set-up, it makes for a pretty special experience.

I love the idea that the guys have booked an all ‘live’ line up for this show Jan 1st. There’s a super strong line-up with lots of friends, it’s going to be a memorable NYD for sure.

I wonder, simply on a “Craziness Level” what is the M_Nus touring experience like? What was a personal highlight from ENTER Ibiza?
The schedule is quite crazy and relentless, week in week out, but it’s all about finding the balance and choosing your battles wisely haha. Plenty of rest, healthy eating and exercise play a big part!!! Otherwise burning out is inevitable.

Ibiza and Enter on a Thursday kicked off a lot of amazing weeks for the past 3 summers, there always so high end, full of so many surreal moments, you’re always sharing a stage with friends, it’s very much a big family event….every week.

After nearly a year off from M_Nus releases, you have 2 (either out already or coming out in the next few months) coming in a close span of time, what was your inspiration behind the new releases?
I was writing in Berlin for the past year, and these were the fruits of my labour, I was finishing some of these tracks whilst packing up my studio to move it back home. So the tracks were very much inspired by my time spent in Berlin, along with influences from being on the road, in clubs, festivals, beach parties, warehouses, airports….

The first part of the Ep came out Dec 6th, and the 2nd part comes out March 8th 2015. I’m gonna do something special with an extended mix to coincide with the 2nd release!

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