It’s time to shift the spotlight to the Hamburg-based DJ/producer/label owner, Oliver Schories. We’ve had the pleasure of talking with the man himself to know more about his views on music, DJing and chocolate cookies. 

Ever since finding his way to darker shades of house and techno in 2010, Oliver Schories has had a very successful run. With several EP’s and two albums under his belt, this 32-year-old has established himself as one of the go to guys for intoxicating musical experiences that work both in smaller underground clubs as well as bigger festival grounds. Schories’ is known for representing a melodic approach to anything deep that guarantees a mix of the hypnotic elements of the genre as well as danceability.

On top of his productions, Oliver Schories is also known as an excellent DJ, whose outlooks on music span far wider that just the obvious choices. His latest mixtape, simply titled “My Winter”, offers a selection of tunes with interesting samples, lovely vocals, commanding synths and punchy basses. His unique style of DJing can also be heard in the upcoming Pleinvrees 020 event on Friday the 12th of December at the Amsterdam Studio’s.

Now it’s time to let the man speak for himself. If you haven’t already, now is the time to press play on the “My Winter” mixtape and start reading.

Write-up: Axel Röhr
Interview: Nadezhda Georgieva

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Fireman, Policeman, Pilot…the usual suspects I think.

Describe yourself in three words?
Busy, concentrated, chocolate (cookie) addicted.

How was the past year for you? What stood out?
Very good. Outstanding was for sure the photo shooting for my new EP and my upcoming Album on the Airport Hamburg, “The  secret life of Walter Mitty” and my Gig on ADE this year.

You have a new EP, “Noise Ball”, coming out at the end of this month. Can you share what was your main inspiration while producing the tracks?
There is not a “main” inspiration. They can come at anytime and any place. A melody you hear in the background at the supermarket, a song a little child sings on the street, a rhythm made by a machine at the construction site.

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“Noise Ball” has a bit of a different sound than what we are used to hear form Oliver Schories. How would you describe the smooth sound transformation in this new EP?
In fact it’s my first EP after quite some time. Time has moved on and so my sound has. I got new machines which make new sounds, and I felt that it is time to get a little step away from the “deep” house thing which a large number of people connect me to. I never felt I am doing deep house in any way but this EP should make this “finally” clear.

How do you manage to keep yourself motivated in terms of making new music?
I like what I do. And I believe that when you (can) do something you like that there is always automatically motivation.

In December you are going to play at the Pleinvrees event. As you have played for them many times in the past, what is your relationship with the organization?
I know David and Reinier [founders of Pleinvrees] for years and it’s fair to say that we grew up together in Amsterdam and it’s surroundings. We are in contact quite regulary and I play on most of their events.

What do you like the most about the Pleinvrees events?
The professionalism, the guests, the line-ups.