Exclusive Interview With Verknipt

Dream DJ that they’d like to book? For Reza it’s Ben Klock and for Mer it’s Loco Dice. They’re aware that it’s not going to happen in the near future, however, as they’re still a relatively small party in size when compared to other event organizations that have more money to spend on top DJ fees. Reza: “Besides, it wouldn’t really fit into what we do anyway. We’d rather just spend the money on the total package, rather than on a couple of ticket-selling headliners”.

Regarding the competition in the city they have a pretty fresh take. Reza: “There is a lot of competition and there are some parties that form blockades together that makes it harder for smaller parties like ourselves sometimes, especially regarding booking a DJ we’d really like to have”, pointing to the exclusivity deals that big players can strike with DJs, “but this is a good thing! It makes it all the more challenging to be in this business”.

They go on to say that other than that, competition is not that much of a factor to take into consideration. Reconsidering the date of an event because someone else’s event already falls on that day is out of the question for them. Mer: “We just do what we want to do, and have the most fun while doing it. Taking yourself seriously when your organization is called ‘Verknipt’ wouldn’t really fit the picture”.

So what does the future hold? A lot, if you scroll through the events they have planned on their page. They look forward to three in particular. First of all there’s Concrete City (set on the 30th of May), a festival which combines different existing ideas into an interesting concept: ticket-holders will meet at designated spot to be picked up by a bus with blinded windows, after which they are brought to a special, industrial location where the event will be taking place.

Of course there’s also Kingsday prior to that, which will be co-hosted with Nachtcollege and Diepzinnig. Mer: “The focus will be on house, in the broad sense. So expect UK, G-house and a lot of influences that will be well-represented here”.

They’re mot excited about their festival debut this summer, though. “Yes, we’ve recently made the decision to host our very own Festival! We both thought the time was right for this now” Reza tells me, “There will be three stages, one will be open air and focuses on house. Then there’s an in-door area where you’ll predominantly hear techno and then there’s the ‘talent stage’, where we’ll put upcoming, home-grown talent in the spotlight. We really can’t wait for this one”

We decide that it’s a wrap while Timo is taking their picture on a bridge crossing the Herengracht. Reza and Mer argue some more on whether they look cool while sitting on children’s bikes. They don’t. But they don’t seem to care.

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