2 guys named Adrian met each other back in 2008 in a club in Germany and were both really impressed by each other’s set. They became good friends and started producing under the name Adriatique. They now live together in Zurich; it sounds almost like a fairy tale with a happy ending. But the end of this tale is nowhere near; it is just the beginning for the rising duo from Diynamic.

I think we broke every rule which exists on the streets between Zurich and Barcelona. So Kids: Don’t do this!

AD = Adrian with Dark Hair
AB = Adrian with Blond Hair

Does it feel like a fairy tale, the life you guys are living?
Would not say fairy tale but there could be some destiny behind it. Depends how your opinion is on that in general.

How were you guys as little kids in school?
AD: I was kind of a mixture between a clown and a very cool wannabe. Tried to impress the girls all the time. I also have to speak for the other one and honestly I can only guess but I would say he was pretty hard to deal with!

What sports did you play back then and are you still into it?
AD: Karate & Soccer. But Karate was first. Martial Arts in general.
AB: Soccer and some other stuff but never really into something special.

Both having the same first name must be confusing sometimes, is it?
Sometimes confusing but more often it makes things easier. It’s always a nice start to a conversation when we introduce or get introduced. It is also not bad work wise. It doesn’t matter with whom u speak u will get your answer from Adrian anyway haha.

The last EP from you guys was on the well-respected label, Culprit. Have you guys a new EP coming for us in the coming months?
We did some Remixes this year, 2 of them still not out as the Remix for M.A.N.D.Y for example. Definitely there is some more music coming. Just to say not too much but there could be a Diynamic aswell as a Culprit EP this year!

If you had to name a favorite record from yourself, which one would it be?
AD: It’s not out yet!
AB: Face to Face.

Last sonar you guys almost had to cancel your gigs due to a cancelled flight. How was it to jump in the car and drive there suddenly?
Actually it was a fun trip. We had so much to laugh and got there really fast. I think we broke every rule which exists on the streets between Zurich and Barcelona. So Kids: Don’t do this!

How did you guys like the Sonar Festival this year and how was it different from last years?
It was great, again we met so much nice people and friends. Of course we had much fun with our diynamic guys at east ender and the culprit + left room party was bomb too. It getting bigger every year. Not always a good thing. U hear people complaining about the change it made in the last years.

You guys will be in Ibiza for a couple times this summer. What does Ibiza mean to you and what is your favorite spot there?
We are Ibiza right now and the Diynamic Opening at Sankeys was off the hook. This year we opened with both big rooms and they were packed already so i think the season will be hot! Glad to be here that often.

If you guys weren’t DJ’ing and producing, what would it be that you guys be doing for a living?
AD: Would try to gain some super power and be a super hero.
AB: Something else and then realize I have to do music.

Next week you guys come and play on Buiten Westen Festival together with your colleagues Karmon and David August. Do you guys also meet with the Diynamic family when not playing together?
Not that often cause everybody has is own things of course. But every time we meet its just great. And on things like sonar, wmc or ibiza we hang out a lot together. Actually for the ones which live in hamburg or berlin its much easier to meet. But we have contact almost every week.

Solomun told in his interview with me last week that Hosh and David August are the best cooks in the Diynamic family and that Dj Phono is probably the funniest guy in the group. Where would you guys fit in?
First of all we can agree on that. Hm Adrian blond is maybe the critical but productive guy. He always wants to do something with music or djing.

Which artist is in your eyes doing a really good job at the moment?
There are a few. As we are djing that much we discover a lot. Don’t wanna be to specific we would forget so much.

If you could change something in the dance scene, what would it be?
Stop this EDM, Deephouse or whatever talk (no offense do deep house amsterdam of course)

What party do you remember ’til this day and still gives you shivers?
Again its hard to say cause there are a few. Something what will be in mind for a longtime was the diynamic beach party at off sonar 2012. Since the beginning of 2012 we where part of diy at this party also with our first full ep there comin was a great gig and feedback for us.

Let’s dream. What would be the most desired accomplishment for you guys?
To do this as long as we can and evolve everyday music- but of course human wise too.

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